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I have recently started to participate in fanfiction, at the moment only the Dragon Age 2 kind. After some contemplation I have decided that I will start posting them here.

  • Fragments – 11,248 words. Originally told in six chapters. Based on my DA2 playthrough as reaver warrior with a heart of gold who fought Merrill hand and teeth when it came to the eluvian, despite loving her. My first ever attempt at fiction, trying to fill the gaps that the rivalry romance left in my head. The different chapters are separated by songs from my favorite band mesh’s album ‘Fragmente’. Only exception being ‘I can’t imagine how it hurts’ from the ‘We Collide’ album. Fragmente also gave the story its name.
  • Six Things – 2,459 words. It could be considered a bonus chapter to Fragments, set in time between Merrill leaving to go see Hawke and actually arriving at her mansion. Story title is based on party banter between Isabela and Bethany.
  • Safe with me – 14,630 words. Originally told in five chapters. Very very VERY loosely based on my rogue’s friendship romance with Merrill, but not really. Based on another mesh song, Safe with me.
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