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RPG: Podcast Fever


Am I the only one who ever gets crazy hype about nerdy stuff? I find a new pastime or passion, and get really excited about it, investing a lot of energy and time into it. 2.5 years ago it was playing tabletop RPGs again. I went nuts with Pathfinder. I regularly go a bit crazy about MMOs, but that passion waxes and wanes. Currently a bit on the waning side, honestly.
I still think tabletop RPGs are the coolest hobby I have, the most creative and rewarding. I started listening to RPG podcasts so I could up my game and become a better GM. Then I became interested in broadening my horizons and branching out into other RPGs. I currently have less time to game myself, and so started listening to more Actual Play Podcasts.
Podcast FeverWhat this means is that I am listening to a ridiculous amount of podcasts at this point. Seriously ridiculous. I will never get caught up, but they’re such fantastic entertainment. Because I love sharing good stuff, here’s my big list of podcasts that I enjoy listening to:

RPG Podcasts in English

  • Critical Success – This podcast doesn’t run regularly, but offers rock solid advice from GM James D’Amato, the mind behind the One Shot RPG podcast.
  • Cypher Speak – Currently on hiatus, this is a podcast about Cypher System games, e.g. Numenera, The Strange, etc. It’s hosted by the fabulous Darcy Ross, a notable female GM, and her co-host Troy.
  • Dungeon Master’s Block – This diverse podcast offers tons of great information for DMs. Interviews, world building, spotlights.
  • Fear the Boot – This long-running podcast delivers tons of great information, and it’s been doing this for a loooong time. Currently on episode 432!
  • Game Master’s Journey – The podcast that started my obsession when the host Lex Starwalker did Numenera themed episodes (also his former podcast GM Intrusion). Used to be general advice, various systems, but has become very focused on DnD 5e, unfortunately, which is too system-specific for me these days.
  • Ken and Robin talk about Stuff – The two game designers Kenneth Hite and Robin D. Laws talk about stuff. It usually involves gaming, often about their many Pelgrane Press games, but really, all sorts of entertaining things. In their own words: Stuff talked about includes hobby gaming, history, occultism, chrono-travel, food, cinema, narrative, art, politics, food, maps, Cthulhiana, and in fact any matter subject to jocular yet penetrating erudition.
  • Modifier – An interview podcast hosted by Meghan Dornbrock. She interviews game designers, and the topics and games are super-interesting.
  • Our Turn! – The only boardgame outlier here. Hosted by a bunch of girls who enjoy gaming, predominantly boardgames, but also tabletop and video games.
  • Table Top Babble – This fairly new podcast by James Introcaso is another all-round podcast with interesting interviews, game reviews, not system-focused.
  • Talking Table Top – GM Jim McLure interviews people from the RPG world, and the interviews are always fantastic.
  • The CypherCast – Another Cypher System podcast from the folks who also publish the excellent CypherCaster Magazine (my favorite RPG magazine since the original DRAGON).  Relatively new, but very cool.
  • The DM’s Deep Dive – A new monthly podcast featuring DM advice by Mike Shea, aka Sly Flourish, as he’s better known. Might have a 5e focus, but I’ll wait and see.
  • The RPG Academy – As the name suggest, the academy wants to make DMs better, and they have class style episodes, like DMing 101, Faculty Meeting and Trials of new RPG systems

Actual Play Podcasts

  • Campaign – Come for the heroic Star Wars: The Edge of Empire campaign, stay for the wacky characters. It’s a total joy to listen to Kat Kuhl, a female GM, which is still a rare thing.
  • Fandible – This podcasts runs multiple actual play games, like Shadowrun, The Strange, DnD, but I am only listening for their Longshot Numenera campaign.
  • One Shot – Big systems, indie systems, the One Shot crew play all those games, in up to 4 sessions. Great to give you an idea of how a system works, with great roleplayers on board with a heavy focus on storytelling. Loved the Dracula Dossier game run by designer Kenneth Hite himself!
  • She’s a Super Geek – Girl powah! This podcast showcases female GMs and smaller game systems. Highly enjoyable.

German podcasts

  • Ausgespielt – Actual Play von diversen Systemen, Rollenspiel-News, Brettspiele. Alles sehr unterhaltsam vom Team präsentiert.
  • Der DORPCast – Michael Mingers und Thomas Michalski, die beide bei Ulisses Spiele tätig sind, plaudern über ihr liebstes Hobby, und da es auch ihr Beruf ist, gibt’s schon sehr interessante Einsichten von diesen alten Hasen meiner Altersklasse.
  • Der Eskapodcast – Macht leider gerade eine Sendepause. Eine lockere Runde mit nerdigen Themen und sehr interessanten Interviews. Manchmal mir etwas fremd, da ich die DSA-Schiene noch nie gefahren bin.
  • OrkTalk – Der neue Podcast der Mädels von Orkig im Geschmack, plus Steamtinkerer. 🙂 Hier bequatscht man in netter Runde diverse RPGs, die man in Actual Play getestet hat. Aktuell gab’s bisher Numenera und Coriolis. Immer mal her damit!
  • Spielgeflüster – Der Podcast der Teilzeithelden, eines großen RPG-Webmagazins. Teilzeit scheint hier Programm zu sein, es hat nämlich schon länger keine neuen Folgen gegeben.
  • System Matters – Ein kleiner deutscher RPG-Verlag, der auch einen länger laufenden Podcast betreibt. So cool wie die Spiele, die hier verlegt werden, z.B. Beyond the Wall.

Gerne hätte ich noch den Podcast von Greifenklaue hier aufgeführt, aber da ich den nicht abonnieren kann ohne RSS-Feed, höre ich den so gut wie nie, was ich aber sehr schade finde.

So, jetzt geht’s weiter auf Englisch.

Podcast apps

Podcast AddictI listen to my podcasts in two ways:
  1. on Android, using Podcast Addict. It’s a great app that’s incredibly easy to use, with tons of features. I like to fall asleep listening to podcasts so I appreciate the sleeper mode, for example. I recently bought an FM-Transmitter so I can stream podcasts from my phone to my older car stereo when I drive, which is working like a charm.
  2. Grover Podcast, in Windows 10. A great free app from the Windows store. Very clean design, lets you stream online, stream to other devices or download podcasts. Not as feature rich as Podcast Addict, but it’s working fine.

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