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#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 7


#RPGaDay 2016

The questions

What aspect of Roleplaying Games has had the biggest effect on you?

What positive quality of gaming has influenced you the most?

I am pretty sure it’s made me a more creative person. It wasn’t like that when I gamed in my late teens and twenties. Right now, I feel it makes me bursting with creativity and enriches my life. If you compare tabletop gaming with, say, MMO gaming, there’s a much more immediate joy and impact that joined storytelling has on me than killing a hard raid boss. I also read a lot more than in previous years, currently soaking in as many RPG systems that I can (reading Trail of Cthulhu right now).

I recently listened to Talking Tabletop, an excellent podcast, and the guest was Nolan T. Jones, one of the founders of Roll20. Incidentally, did you know the platform originally was for sharing images? Fascinating! Anyhow, Nolan called RPGs the highest form of art. I am not sure I agree with him, but it definitely is a creative art, and I am proud I get to participate in it.

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