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#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 5


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Same deal, different day. I am amazed I am still writing. Maybe today there’ll be a question that won’t show my lack of actual playing?

#RPGaDay 2016

The questions

What story does your group tell about your character?

And there goes my hope it’s not another character question. There are no big stories to tell, so I’ll just go ahead and talk about my most recent characters and her interactions with the party.

In case of my halfling rogue, they would probably say she’s a lovely, charming, and slightly deluded girl. Her teacher took a very naive girl, the daughter of a halfling baker, and trained her how to be a thief. However, he didn’t call it stealing, he called it being diplomatic and solving problems. Discordia was hoping to be a member of the diplomatic corps in her kingdom. On top of her thievery skills, she was very charismatic and skilled at Diplomacy and Bluffing.

My other recent Pathfinder character Thera is a pretty awful bitch. We used the character background options from Ultimate Campaign, which made me come up with the bastard daughter of a rich merchant who fled her home to join a gang of street kids. The brute of the group, she had some skills with the sword but also magic, making her a magus. Prone to fits of jealousy, she had murdered a woman who hit on her boyfriend, a blacksmith apprentice, and didn’t feel the slightest bit bad about it. The other group members thought she was intimidating, bitchy, but also incredibly loyal.

It’s seriously a shame that game died at level 2. Our group of three street girls trying to make it in an urban campaign was really kickass and we had some excellent RP that really flowed naturally. Unfortunately, the GM dropped off the face of the Earth, but I wouldn’t mind picking it back up.

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