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#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 2


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On we go with #RPGaDay 2016, with a very tough question:

#RPGaDay 2016

The questions

Best game session since August 2015?

I’m currently running three games, and in the course of the last year I also played in two other campaigns. It’s very tough to decide which one was ‘best’.

Instead I’ll go for the most memorable and fun event that happened, in my Rise of the Runelords campaign. You know, this thing you totally haven’t planned for, and then you just roll with it.

We originally started this game in September ’14, and last October, the party of six investigated Thistletop, the goblin stronghold where the Big Bad Evil Girl of Book 1 was hiding out. Thistletop is a small island connected to the mainland by a rope bridge high above the sea. The party had managed to sneak into the basement without alerting any goblins and took care of Nualia’s mercenaries there.

They decided that they wanted to check out the goblin situation first before finding Nualia and sent their gnome ranger Fynn ahead to scout. She found the goblin forces, about 20 of them, with their leader and his riding gecko in his throne room, and was spotted. Fynn decided to tell the leader that she was a new mercenary that Nualia had hired, and that apparently he hadn’t been introduced yet. Then, she rolled an 8 for her Bluff check. I rolled a 2 for his Sense Motive check. He totally bought it.

She then went downstairs again to discuss this development with the others. Seeing as bluffing had gone so well, the rogue snuck out and headed to the rope bridge, which had a trap mechanism he had figured out. His Disable Device check was high, so I let him rig the bridge. The ranger went back to the chieftain and told him that Nualia had given the command to assault the town, and that his forces should cross over to the mainland. She rolled an 8 again. I rolled a 1. It was meant to be this way.

The full forces including the leader on his gecko crossed the bridge and fell into the sea, to be eaten by the bunyip in the water. A few goblins clung on, so the party cast spells to have the remains of the bridge go up in flames. It was a tragic defeat, and a fantastic moment for the party. Ultimately, it was much cooler than the massive battle with 20 goblins would have been.

Only downside: they missed Chief Ripnugget’s cool loot, which drowned in the sea…

Alas, Chief Ripnuggest and your trusty mount, you were too easy to fool.

Alas, Chief Ripnuggest and your trusty mount, you were too easy to fool.

I’m a bit sad that this was the last game we played in a party of six. The rogue player quit after that session for personal reasons. We’re now in the middle of book 2, and the party is about to head into the Misgivings. I hope it will be as memorable as Thistletop turned out to be.

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  1. I know so many DMs that would froth at the mouth for having someone bypass an encounter like that – bravo for you for allowing your players to come up with novel solutions to problems that are “intended” to be solved by violence.

    • It was great fun! How could I be mad at players for being so creative? Sure, sometimes I gnash my teeth when they yet again head into the opposite direction, or aren’t really into defending Sandpoint as much as I want them to be, but that was genius, and it made them all so happy. It was memorable, definitely more memorable than a slugfest of killing low level goblins and their leader.

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