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#RPGaDay 2016 – Day 1


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I decided that this year I would like to participate in a blog event: #RPGaDay 2016. There are two reasons for this: 1. I want to blog more frequently. 2. I’ve been slowly transitioning to write more about RPGs than my other nerd hobbies, pretty much replacing my former MMO passion with RPGs.

#RPGaDay was created a couple years back to be something to do for the folks who can’t make it to Gen Con, which is probably the largest tabletop RPG convention in the world. In order to participate, you answer an RPG-related question every day, for all of the month August. I enjoy the writing prompts and am sure I’ll be rambling away as I usually do. I want to give a shoutout to Blaugust, which is a similar initiative that mostly MMO bloggers do every year. If you want to jump on that train, talk to @Belghast.

#RPGaDay 2016

The questions

Day 1 of #RPGaDay:

Real dice, dice app, diceless, how do you prefer to ‘roll’?

It really depends on my gaming environment. My favorite will always be real dice. They’re shiny, often-times pretty, and there’s something visceral and satisfying about rolling dice. I actually own a dice tray from UltraPro, to enhance the dice rolling experience. Is there really anyone who would prefer rolling with a dice app? Who knows. I don’t even have a dice app on my phone.

However, when I prep my game sessions, I usually sit at my computer. If there’s anything that requires a roll (e.g. cypher selection in Numenera, or duration of effects in Pathfinder), I use a browser-based dice roller. I usually go with the quick and easy roller that’s available from Wizards of the Coast.

Additionally, I am currently experimenting with dice rooms. In my Legacy of Fire Pathfinder campaign, we had a timejump of a year and the players were allowed to pick a task they did in that year. With one player, I am now playing out what happened in that year off in a solo e-mail adventure. Just a little side plot for her character, per mail. In case we need to roll dice in a task resolution, I have set up a dice room at Roleplayer’s Dice Roller. When she needs to roll the dice, she can log into the dice room, roll her dice, tell me what she rolled, and if I want to be on the safe side, I can check by looking at the dice room log. Also handy for online games that do not use Roll20 e.g. as it comes with Google Hangouts integration.

But again, if left to choice alone, always real dice. Can I say diceporn? 🙂

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  1. I didn’t know about the Roleplayer’s Dice Roller, thanks for mentioning it, and for participating in RPGaDay~

    • Thanks for organizing it, it’s fun and I enjoy the topics! Glad I was able to dig up something interesting for you. 🙂

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