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Media Monday #204


Off we go again, to my from now on regular Monday post. Hope you all had a great weekend, while I am enjoying Whit Monday as extended weekend. As always, the original questions are posted here (in German).

Frodo Baggins, professional Ring bearer

  1. An Extended or Director’s Cut that really greatly enhanced a movie, was the one for the Lord of the Rings movies, because it added important scenes or extended existing ones to make it a better flowing movie trilogy of the books that shaped me and my interest in fantasy literature when I was a 13-year old. It’s possible that there are even better Director’s Cuts, but I wouldn’t know, not being a huge movie buff. I do want to watch the Final Cut of Blade Runner. One of these days.
  2. The best film-musical is Grease. It has the catchiest songs, and is pretty much All-American silliness. It made me long to go to a drive-in movie all my life. I’ve moved past that desire though, especially as there are very few drive-ins over here.
  3. Many people like Bloodborne whereas it aggravates me because of people discussing that it means the PS4 is the hardcore gamer console, and that this is the renaissance of hardcore gaming. I personally haven’t played it, but friends of mine have and their descriptions of the game were colorful, to say the least. I am sure there’s a market for games like Demon Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne, but it’s certainly not me. In a world that’s shown last year that there’s a very ugly side to gamers, I don’t know how to feel about the most-highly celebrated PS4 game of the year being a game that ‘puts hair on your chest’, quoted from a review.
  4. Pathfinder Online seems like an old-school MMO because of its design approaches. Its list of features pretty much reads like a mix of Dark Age of Camelot with Ultima Online. My only interest is really that it’s a Pathfinder game, set in Golarion’s River Kingdoms, so basically being Kingmaker, the sandbox Adventure Path. I don’t do sandbox, and the pricing is shocking. How can you be making so much money with selling access to an alpha game with no release date, actually making people sub to a game that’s not really anywhere near release-ready? When you already got all the money from Kickstarter? It doesn’t help that the creators are asking for a recruitment drive in a very pushy manner. Sometimes I feel morose about MMOs in general. I think if I wanted to play a Pathfinder multiplayer game online that’s not a VTT, I’d probably go with Tenebrae MUX.
  5. Tasty!
    The subject is guilty pleasures: I don’t care, if you all find King games stupid, I however love playing Candy Crush Soda saga on my phone. It’s my daily ritual. Whenever I come home from work, I plop down on the couch and play through 5 lives in Candy Crush Soda Saga to unwind from a long day. It’s brainless, sometimes annoying when they run one of their sales, but above all, it is very relaxing and most of my friends play it, so I could burn through many lives daily, if I wanted to. Yesterday, I finally beat level 145, after being stuck on it for two weeks, woot.
  6. I gainfully used the long Pentecost weekend, to play lots of Darksiders. I also am blogging, and I did some prep work for Saturday’s Pathfinder game. I prepped the loot list that they got last session, because I am sure they will head off to sell stuff or get the magical stuff identified. As next step, I will prepare the campaign newsletter. A couple days before the next session, I always mail a newsletter, with a session summary, some helpful campaign background, usually notable NPCs they have met and a deity from the Golarion pantheon, and local gossip around Sandpoint, as RP hooks. It’s always fun to write.
  7. With the passing of this week, May is over. That’s okay, because in June my SO will likely be allowed to give up her crutches and fly like a bird. Or rather, walk on both feet. That’s going to be momentous.

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