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Hump Day Blues


It’s Wednesday, before a long weekend, so I should be celebrating, but once again I am feeling particularly exhausted today. Especially when it comes to this blogging project. What do you blog about when you have been at work all day, did some online business and it’s already 8 pm, the evening feeling half over? Ugh. Being an adult sucks. I am also cooking dinner right now as we speak, a hearty meal of fried potatoes with sunny side eggs.

My cats are enthusiastically cheering me on to blog while dozing and bathing. Really.

My cats are enthusiastically cheering me on to blog while dozing and bathing. Really.

In good news, my replacement credit card arrived today. I keep looking for my wallet everywhere, in dubious hopes of it not having been stolen but just been lost by me, but no dice. Now I only have to order a new debit card and get a new ID card. Which means taking new biometric ID photos. So much hate.

Completely Uncharted

I have been trying to be very systematic with my gaming when it comes to the Playstation 3. I played Heavy Rain first, and followed it up with Uncharted. Then UC2 and since last night I am done with the series. For now. I had planned to buy a PS4 with the release of Uncharted 4 later this year, but Naughty Dog shattered that plan by announcing it’s been pushed back until spring 2016. Bummer. But maybe not so bad. Maybe it means they will fix Nathan Drake’s face.

This is not the scoundrel I have come to adore!

This is not the scoundrel I have come to adore!

Sure, that’s very photorealistic, but do I need it to look like that? The Uncharted series is an Indiana Jones movie as a game, with a more modern protagonist, and characters you come to care about. It doesn’t need to be 100% real for me, because I don’t think the average, realistic bloke runs and jumps through a desert city collapsing in a giant pit of quicksand either!

Why is everything collapsing around this guy?

Why is everything collapsing around this guy?

All in all, I was not disappointed by the series. They were all fantastic, offering different wow moments. If I have to pick a winner, then I would have to say Uncharted 2 is the best game of the series. It’s longer than the other two, and more diverse. It has a museum heist, and so many amazing action moments, plus the best start sequence of any game with jumping puzzles. There’s always this utter sense of emergency, that everything around you is going to hell. By the way, whoever at Naughty Dogs came up with those disgusting spider/crawler/bug things that keep chasing you, thanks for making me itch all over. Yuck.

When people compared the Tomb Raider reboot to Uncharted, they weren’t wrong, only that Nate really doesn’t have all those gross deaths that Lara Croft has to experience. Way less gory, for sure. I am very fine with that. What Uncharted is really good at is character building. You care about Nate, and I was very much rooting for him and Elena. Chloe for one has the sexiest voice actress of all times, Claudia Black, making me swoon over her about as much as I did for Morrigan. Plus Sully, especially in part 3. The villains need some work, but I enjoyed Marlowe and Talbot in Uncharted 3 the most.

What to play next

Based on the recommendations of my friends, I should play Darksiders next. I have no idea what it is about, other that you play one of the Horseriders of the Apocalypse. I am also plotting further purchases. The Last of Us really needs to be next, but I do worry it will be too hard for me. I am not so great at the shooting, and a game where ammo is actually limited? Uh oh. For coop play, I want to pick up one of the Legos, my SO requested Harry Potter. Hopefully fun! I am also hunting for a good platformer to play occasionally, so Child of Light is still on the table. I wanted to download a demo.

I am also debating picking up a wireless XBox Controller for my PC and connect my PC to the TV to use Steam’s big picture. But that seems like so much work. If I could use Steam on the TV without having to put an HDMI cable across the living room, that’d be something. So many games I could play then.

Recommendations for outstanding PS3 titles are very welcome!

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