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My Belghast Experiment


blockIn case you haven’t really noticed it, the Newbie Blogger Iniative has started again. It’s an annual event in May when seasoned MMO bloggers provide advice for people looking to break into blogging. I have participated in the past, but am not officially this year, because seriously, my blogging track record is less than stellar and has been for a while. I haven’t consistently blogged since I quit the WoW blog, and that was in early Cataclysm days. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just not working out the way I want it to.

But then Belghast inspired me. He’s been blogging actively every single day for years now. He’s participating in the NBI of course. He just posted something that really hit the spot for me, as far as blogging advice goes: Finding your time. What’s changed for me since Tank like a Girl days are my life circumstances. From 2003 til 2011 I was working tech support and between calls you had all the time in the world to be creative. I was working in an environment full of WoW players, I was really enthusiastic about the game, and I was able to blog at my perfect time, which is late morning, early afternoon. It’s when I am most creative, and also get the most work done.

Things changed. I got laid off. WoW ceased to be my central hobby. Sure, I keep going back to it, but it’s never something that fills me with the crazy fervor to type up gearlists, write addon reviews and help others with being awesome. I wasn’t able to blog at my next job, a job that I wasn’t particularly good at to begin with. I got laid off again. I was unemployed for 8 months, half of which were spent in training course that was pointless. Then I had a part-time job that was afternoons-only. There went my blogging window. Now it’s 2015, I have been at my current full-time job for 1.5 years, and I am so busy that I can’t even look at Twitter, much less blog.

It’s not that I don’t want to blog. When daydreaming at work, or driving home, I have fantastic ideas for blog posts. Very briefly, work was slow enough that I actually wrote draft ideas into Evernote, at least working titles. At the moment we are so swamped that I don’t have time for that. I still play games. PC games, console games, MMOs. Since I started playing pen&paper RPGs again, my life is nerdier than ever. I read a ton of books, and really want to review them all here as well. I now have a Netflix sub and watch more great TV shows as well. I am just not finding my time.

By the time I am home from work, I don’t want to sit down and write blog posts. A full post takes me an hour minimum, if not longer. After work, I want to lounge on the couch, play Candy Crush Soda Saga for a while (sue me), and do something relaxing. Now that I am in my 40s my interest in PC gaming is waning, because I would much rather sit on the couch in comfort than spend hours at my desk. Then there’s dinner to cook, my SO would like to spend time with me, the kitties have demands and bam, it’s bed-time.

Belghast found his time by writing in the morning before work. That is absolutely impossible for me. I hate getting up early, and am really pressed for time. I get ready for work in about 30 minutes, there’s absolutely no way that I would get up at 6 am or earlier to be able to blog. The only window I have available is the time after I get home. Once I sit down, I’ll never get up again to blog.

So here’s my grand, Belghast-inspired experiment: I will blog daily, from today, until Sunday. I will blog after work. I will get a post out before 8 pm Central European Time, 2 pm EST, every day, with the final day of the project being the exception, because I am going to a convention I want to blog about that day. It involves meeting Kristian Nairn aka Hodor, so be jealous!

If things work out, I’ll fall into a steady rhythm and will have my mojo. I might continue to blog every other day, or maybe even daily, who knows? In the worst case, we’ll just go back to me blogging every other month, about my WoW yoyo patterns, whatever. I really really want to blog more about Pathfinder, which is currently probably my biggest creative passion. Here’s to hoping it works out, and sacrificing an hour every time will not be too much to ask of lazy me.


  1. I have a lot of respect for Belghast, especially after Blaugust last year. I ended up doing two months straight of everyday blogging. I learned to hate it, but it was good practice. It also opened up my approach to blogging a bit, which I feel has been for the better!

    Good luck and have fun. 😀

    • Two months, ouch. I can’t see that happening for me, but I’d be perfectly happy with every other day or even twice a week regularly as opposed to three posts in one month, then nothing again for two months but raw guilt. 😛

      I really enjoyed your #Mv27 series, which made me wish I discovered console gaming earlier than I did. It also made me feel very old. 😉

  2. I am amped about this 🙂 I love reading your blog posts, and while I generally do a piss poor job of responding to posts… I read pretty much every single one that comes across my RSS reader. Back in the early days your blog was one of the ones I looked up to when we were both warrior bloggers and it is pretty badass that anything I could write would inspire you back. I hope it works for you, I will say that it isn’t easy to start but once you find your pattern it gets significantly easier.

    • First real post is done, and it took me nearly two hours. I am either too wordy or too slow. Or too braindead after work. I hope it gets easier, but I am pumped to do it, Bel. 🙂

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