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Bloggy XMas Day 17: Welcome home



Syl from MMO Gypsy is currently running a special Christmas event and kindly asked me to participate, so here I am. It’s a lovely advent calendar full of pretty screenshots, lovely soundtracks and blog posts about MMO community. I will use this opportunity to say thanks to people in the US and now in Europe that have made MMOs such an outstanding experience over the years. It’s a love letter to my guilds and their community.

I just recently took a very extended break from WoW, almost 11 months, and I was pretty sure that this was it. I was so done. But I wasn’t. I am a member of the Ashen Rose Conspiracy, thanks to the recommendation of Spinks, and I kinda walked out on them without a warning. It was last Christmas, I really didn’t want to log on anymore because I was so bored, and then I never went back, disappearing while they were still working on progression. I left just after the Siegemaster firstkill. So really, these people would have all the reason in the world to be disappointed with me, but when I returned for WoD, I got lots of all caps greetings, and one of the officers greeted me with the words ‘Welcome home’. I was really moved by this.

Playing WoW would not be the same without them. I love chatting up Spinks for warrior stuff, or picking our DK tank’s brain about all things DK. I love to oooh and aaah about cats with guildies and distract the whole raid with kitten cam. I love knowing that for sending a BoE epic as a gift to our raid leader he will buy me a pint at the next pubmeet this will actually happen. This goes beyond the acquisition of purple pixels, by far.

Did I mention how much I hate Horridon? Because I do.

Did I mention how much I hate Horridon? Because I do.

I am saying thanks to my American guild as well. I have met tremendous ladies that way, and still fondly recall many raids, heroics, guild parties with them. When the guild sent me real flowers when my mom passed away, it was meaningful. When my friend got married to her Scottish fiance she met in WoW and sent me an invitation to the wedding, I really wish I could have gone. Daughters of the Horde were just as much my home as ARC is now.

Who doesn't like remembering killing the Lich King? Thank you, DotH!

Who doesn’t like remembering killing the Lich King? Thank you, DotH!

Go find yourself that special place in an MMO, to fully experience it. Go find a community that will welcome you home whenever you come back. Open yourself to it, and your experience will be all the richer for it. It might be hard to find, but it’s out there.

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