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WoW: WoD – Two weeks after launch


It’s strange being back to WoW. My SO hates it. I’m excited to play again, at the same time I feel oddly adrift.

The good stuff: Leveling was good fun. It didn’t feel like questing on rails much, and the story was very coherent. Nagrand felt very grindy, but then, I guess that’s just how Nagrand has always been and always will be. I enjoyed the garrison integration, you really do get to feel like a commander raising outposts everywhere. The Nagrand frostwolf is the best thing ever. I also dig the whole follower mini-game, and get excited pushing them to 100, getting them gear and they in turn getting me gear. It’s awesome.

See? It could be any Titan playground., but it happens to be lush Gorgrond.

See? It could be any Titan playground., but it happens to be lush Gorgrond.

Overall, I enjoyed all the zones. Gorgrond felt like this weird mix of Sholazar meets Badlands. Talador is so close to Terrokar Forest, and yet so different. Nagrand will always be one of the most gorgeous zones in the game, no matter in which timeline.

Of all the pretty places in the world, I had to ding in a poop-filled cave of Sabermaw.

Of all the pretty places in the world, I had to ding in a poop-filled cave of Sabermaw.

The other big thing to enjoy is dinging 100. Within minutes, I took the portal to Orgrimmar, spec’d from fury into prot and got Gladiator’s Resolve. I had such a fantastic time playing around with it. I did silver damage proving grounds within the first hour of being 100, with a pitiful ilevel of 590. It’s all the fun I missed about prot warriors, without the tiresome responsibility of tanking. Speaking of which, I tried Proving Grounds for that as well, and can’t seem to get silver done, so there’s that. I might try again, eventually, but it’s no priority. Seriously, I am really loving that Blizzard made a Sword&Board DPS spec happen.

The meh stuff:

I don’t get professions anymore. I love that the new model is wonderful for catchup. My warrior is boosted, and not having to grind out to 600 first was very nice. In fact, I only just got like 150 mining and 137 blacksmithing. What I don’t love is that you don’t get to experience the satisfying impact of your profession while leveling. I managed to craft one piece of gear while leveling, a helmet, and in retrospect I wish I had saved the truesteel ingots. Right now, blacksmithing feels like this juggling game of work orders and eventually, weeks later, you get to craft an epic. What will happen once you have your maximum amount of epics? Post them on the AH and that’s it?

I always liked the economy metagame, but I no longer have any idea how to make gold on the AH. Throughout Mists, I crafted PvP gear and made a lot of gold that way. I am still sitting on 450k gold, but I haven’t worked out a new strategy yet. The other goblins in-guild don’t seem to have anything set up yet either.

Furthermore, I should be excited that melee is quite strong, from what it looks like, but it’s led to the result that my guild is full of level 100 melee and not much else. I tried my first heroic with guildies, DPS being two warriors and a DK, ending up in UBRS and…yeah, it was ugly. A wipefest. Frustrating. I like the challenge, but not the part where it seemed impossible with three melee and a tank. That’s a lot of venomous puddles to stand in on the 2nd boss. Which was where we gave up.

The ugly stuff:

I’ll be honest, it’s not a feelgood feeling when the first round of class tuning is done, and your chosen main gets a flat out nerf. Warriors get 20% less damage on Shield Slam and Revenge, the main damage abilities of a gladiator warrior, and of course the primary rage abilities of tanking prot warriors as well. I know no prot warrior who doesn’t love Shield Slam, and seeing that nerfed for both prot playstyles, it really sucks. I wish they had nerfed Gladiator Stance’s damage buff or Shield Charge, but not those two abilities across the board. Arms is not in a great place, Fury isn’t either and honestly was quite tiring to level as. Together with the abundance of melee, that might have been it for being a warrior main this expac.

I am currently contemplating my other options. There’s my paladin, and retribution paladin is a lot of fun right now. Holy has always been my paladin’s main spec, I could go for that. Alternatively, level a ranged DPS. I started leveling my priest yesterday, but honestly, shadowpriest is just not my thing. The next closest ranged DPS I have is a shaman that I leveled as enhancement. She’s level 78. I have all the mail int heirlooms so switching to shaman would not be a problem. They just got buffed too. Maybe it’s a sign.

I could go back to Yatalai, my DK. Frost is in a good place. It just doesn’t feel quite right to me at the moment.

So there you have it, my 2-week impressions.


  1. I feel you man! Ilvl 641 & huge nerf hit me like a truck! We were a little OP though but still a lazy ass nerf. That is blizzard for you!

  2. I took a break from WoW a year ago after having done with MoP but my SO made me play WoW again with her for WoD and my Warrior is 100 now! Bit of rocky start for me due to all the lag and stuff caused by the Garrison issues but I have enjoyed the leveling process very much. I was never bored or felt like I was grinding but then again I wasn’t rushing this time like I used to in the past. Story is fun and to my surprised I have enjoyed it very much since I don’t normally like time travel stuff since that get my head in and feels like a cheap cop out to many problems in fantasy and sci fi these days.

    It’s nice to see you back playing WoW again and blogging about it. I have been following your blog for a while now (from Tank like a girl days) and I enjoy reading your Warrior posts. However the main attraction about your blog has always been about your UI/addon posts to me! I used to copy your UI setup verbatim so I hope you do an update UI/addon post soon!

    • Aww, an old-school reader. 🙂

      What addon posts are you looking for? I am not nearly as creative as I used to be. I mostly use ElvUI with a couple addons tailored to it, plus heavy focus on WeakAuras. I can certainly do a UI post though. I still love addons very much. 🙂

      • Doh my below post was supposed to be reply to the above post!

        Bte is your old site (tank like a girl) still available (google failed me) as an archive?

  3. Yes indeed an old school reader. Its really scary how quickly times flies 🙂

    As per UI, nothing in particular, but I like how you layout and arrange your UI and some of the cool addons (WeakAuras setup etc) you use etc. I found your past UI to be minimalist but had enough useful info as well. Anyway what I am trying to say is that due to some bizarre cosmic accident our tastes in UIs are very similar so why not do a post (if you have time that is) about your current UI and chances are I will copy it again lol.

    Although I don’t mind seeing your WeakAuras Warrior setup as well.

  4. If you didn’t read the patch notes about the nerfs, you wouldn’t even notice. It transitioned us from wildly overpowered to only somewhat overpowered. It was really the perfect fix because it wasn’t just Glad that was OP, tank dps was also too high.

    • Ah, a fellow warrior. How are you doing in Highmaul as gladiator? I feel like I can’t get a proper grip on the playstyle yet. It’s all good when it’s an unmoving target dummy, but in heroics with moving bosses I feel my DPS isn’t so hot. I need to focus really hard to squeeze my 2 Shield Slams, Revenge, Devastate as filler and HS dump into my Shield Charge window. Sometimes I get GCD locked and can’t fit in the 2nd Shield Slam, which is hardly ideal. I am just not doing as well as I think I should. Frustrating.

      • I find myself spending more of my time issuing raid commands than watching my rage and cooldowns and my dps suffers noticeably because of it. You’re right about having to try hard to squeeze in those shield slams because when I fail to do so, it hurts a lot. That said, despite not paying a ton of attention to my own character, it was not hard to be a middle of the pack dps in Highmaul.

        I also hate that feeling of not performing near peak efficiency, but then months later I realize that I enjoyed slowly discovering the subtle tricks to improve my dps over time, so hopefully you’ll have the same experience.

        If you ever want your DPS to jump an unfair amount, two words: armor pots. Other classes that use potions get 1000 of a stat, we get 1500. Feels like a little present every time.

        Also Highmaul is awesome and the first two bosses are super easy on Normal mode. I think a group of average skilled players could do it at 600 ilevel. Be sure to let us know how it goes for you when you try it.

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