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MMOs – And then LFG happened


And not a Dungeon Finder of any kind, but Blizzard’s documentary about WoW.

I was out sick last week, watched the documentary while laying in bed (yay, tablet!) and then not much later pre-ordered Warlords of Draenor and bought a game card. Sigh. I am weak. Though it pleases me to know that I am not the only one who crawled back to WoW for the expansion. I just had all the feels for WoW. It’s been such a huge part of my life since 2005.

So then this happened:

Kadomi 2.0 was born!

Kadomi 2.0 was born!

I originally rolled Kadomi on US-Bronzebeard in 2005. She was my main from Burning Crusade launch til October 2012. I only gave her up for Mists of Pandaria because I closed my US-account. Boosting her was a no-brainer. Have to say that I really enjoy the new female orc models and found a nice bitch-face for Kadomi. She’s got spunk. I am still getting used to her weird new run, but it’s okay.

The WoD launch has been terrible for me. On Thursday, the game was pretty much unplayable. Which is to be expected on a launch day. A lot of the pains were self-produced by Blizzard. I am not sure how you can think it’s a clever idea to tie a mandatory quest to create your garrison to an item that can only be clicked by one person. When Kadomi made it to Frostfire Ridge, I noticed something very strange. A long line. A very long line. You see, you had to click the Master Surveyor item on top of the hill. I play on EU-Argent Dawn, and it’s an incredibly polite realm. On other servers you end up with hundreds of people on mammoths standing on top of such items. On my server you get: THE LINE!

Not that this line had any point, because the item was actually bugged.

Not that this line had any point, because the item was actually bugged.

While I stood in this line for a good 45 minutes, Blizzard did a hotfix and suddenly the whole line in front of me disappeared. They changed it so proximity to the item was enough and you got ported to your garrison instance. The rest of the day was unplayable lag, huge amounts of phasing issues (I hate you, Bladespire Citadel), and near constant downtime of the garrison server.

On Friday, we got more of the same, and I had my first run-in with the queue monster. Argent Dawn is the highest population English RP server, and let me tell you, it’s very very full atm. On Friday afternoon I made the mistake of logging out around 4 pm to do groceries. When I tried to log back in at 5:30 pm, I was 3900ish in the queue. 6.5 hours later I finally got in, to play for the least satisfying 30 minutes ever, because bedtime. Yesterday, I tried to log in just after noon, and was 2600ish in the queue. Tonight after work, pretty much the same. I am 1931 right now.

At least when you can play now, there’s no lag. The Garrison is a lot of fun. I love my very own mine. I am a bit bewildered how professions work now. I didn’t powerlevel my boosted character’s professions, and it’s nice that I can tap ore out in the world, what little there is, for frustratingly low amounts of ore. That’s why I love my level 2 mine. So much ore! You can’t really craft a lot of items, was boggling a bit that there’s no items for leveling, and how prohibitive crafting costs are. Really, 100 trueiron ingots? That’s how many work orders? A lot.

As a self-declared TBC junkie, WoD works for me on many levels. I get misty-eyed with every familiar character or follower you run into. I spend a lot of time walking through the zones and trying to find hints of Outland. It was a bit tough in Frostfire Ridge, but then I found Daggermaw Ravine and the path to Gruul’s Lair. Memories. Same with the Crimson Fens, Zangarmarsh flashbacks. I am currently in Talador, which really is a colorful version of Terrokar Forest, and every familiar sight makes me happy. For all that alone, I am happy I returned.

The view from Daggermaw Canyon up to Bladespire Citadel

The view from Daggermaw Canyon up to Bladespire Citadel

I am not sure if I’ll continue to play Kadomi as main though. I feel an urge to level my tauren paladin, because I like healing, and everyone seems to play melee these days. Also, fury is not a good fit. I am very curious about gladiator stance DPS. We’ll see.

For what it’s worth, it’s good to be back, and I didn’t think I’d ever say that again. A huge thanks goes to my lovely guild, the Ashen Rose Conspiracy. I quit 10 months ago, and they were very welcoming in having me back. When I read ‘Welcome home’ I did have the warm fuzzies.

I still don’t feel that I really have time to commit to MMOs anymore, but I can piddle around in the garrison, sure.

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