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Could I be any worse at blogging?


If anyone’s actually taken notice (and just like in Liore’s post, my brain is telling me nobody reads this anyway), I went from super enthusiastic Wildstar blogger to a full radio silence in the last two months. When I last posted, I had two weeks off work, I played Wildstar with wild abandon and was fully convinced I would be a kick-ass, reasonably popular blogger just like in my old Tank Like A Girl days. Little did I know.

So wtf did happen? I went back to work. I had three weeks of last shift, which for me means I get off work at 7 pm. I come home between 7:30 and 8 pm. Then, my SO and I eat dinner, and spend some time talking about our day. By the time I was ready to settle down for some fun time at my computer, it usually ended up around 10 pm. I try to be in bed by midnight. That’s a two hour window for gaming. I felt deflated. Two hours is nothing when you play a timesink like an MMO. I could dabble in housing, or do two quests, but serious leveling, or stuff like a dungeon? No way. I am a dirty casual now. Or maybe not casual, but an adult, who is also trying to have a social life in between work and sleep.

So I stopped logging into Wildstar. This is something I feel terrible about. The guild I am in (at least I hope so), is full of great people. It’s a great game with maybe too slow a leveling curve. But I had fun with it. It’s doing exciting things. It’s pumping out content on the schedule they promised and has hands down the best community team I have ever experienced in a game. But it’s an MMO, which requires time to play, and if I don’t have the time to commit to it, I don’t want to play at all. I end up contributing to MMO’s being a two to three month phenomenon. I contribute to MMO’s sort of dying. There’s no other MMO on the market for me. I still detest GW2, am vaguely amused tons of people flocked to FFXIV as yet another next best thing. Am icy-cold about every single bit of WoW news because everything I hear about WoD is iffy to me. Do not want.

I am still subbed in support of Carbine, but I don’t know how long I want to sustain the possibility of playing again. I do have next week off work.

Now, I could have written this a lot earlier, but who cares? Mostly, I care.

I started doing other things. I bought quite a few games during the Steam sale, and I find I have no trouble picking up a single-player game, play for an hour and then close it. It’s just so much easier. I also found that I really enjoy playing with an Xbox controller. I am actually contemplating how cool it would be to play some games on a console. I have never seriously wanted a console before, but vegging on the couch instead of hovering over mouse and keyboard sounds so appealing right now.

I finished a whole bunch of games from my Steam backlog, including Bastion, Mark of the Ninja, The Wolf Among Us, etc. I intend to write short reviews about them. I had a great time with most titles. I got myself totally re-addicted to Assassin’s Creed. Black Flag is the bomb.

I also play D&D with RL friends about once a month, and that’s good fun. Some health issues have kept me out of one session, but it’s always good fun, and Schmitt loves it. We play pretty obnoxious halfling twins who cannot stand each other whatsoever. I do regret my class choice a bit. Wish I hadn’t picked rogue. I am just not that great a scoundrel in RP. Way too goody-two shoes.

We also spend our evenings doing a Friends marathon. When I read that Friends is now 20 freaking years old, I wanted to watch it all over again. We’re now mid-season 3, Ross and Rachel just broke up. It’s such a fantastic show, I still laugh lots and lots. Chandler Bing is the best character ever. Also, I have a renewed crush on Courtney Cox.

I vaguely considered doing Blaugust, but seriously, how do you guys do it? I don’t have the time and energy to post every day. Hats off to you guys who do!

I helped my SO set up a new blog. I think she’s kinda fallen off the nerdy bandwagon of blogging here, but really enjoys her new photoblog about Momo, the fluffy, deaf Maine Coon we got in June after my beloved Jenny passed away. She really is quite amazingly fluffy, and a bundle of energy. Check it out for daily fluff-updates:

So, that’s the whole deal. I moved hosts today, and now that that’s all settled, I will be going back to a semi-regular schedule. Just with a lot less MMOs and more general games in general, I fear.


  1. Hey now, some of us still read! 🙂

  2. I’m reading! 🙂

    You should keep writing. Write about other games, and about books, and about cats. I feel like a lot of us early game bloggers are being stretched a little too thin for serious MMOs right now just thanks to life, and that’s okay. But we don’t have to just write about games! Write about books and cats and whatever. I’d keep reading.

    Besides, I suspect some of this is summer-related. Once it’s cold and dark at 5pm I think my urge to play MMOs will return with a vengeance. 🙂

    • Once it’s cold, it will be Dragon Age 3 time for me! 🙂

      I will keep on writing, but I am really bummed about this MMO thing, seeing as they were such a big deal for me for 9.5 years. But I still like reading and talking about games, so I will keep on trucking.

      There’s never enough cats on the Internet, right?

  3. At least you blogged again this year, my usual tactic is get to July then no new posts until January.

    Nothing cramps your gaming style like growing up that’s for sure, trying to allocating time is all part of the juggling act.

    Keep posting.

  4. I read too! Been wondering where you went, you was so eager with Wildstar and making super guides and then poff.

    Just write about whatever you feel like when you are up for writing. I come here to read because of you not because of mmo’s.

    Don’t feel down 🙂 We are cheering for you *waves pompoms*

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  6. I found myself nodding along with you. My comment got waaaaaay too long so I updated my blog (thanks for the prompt!)

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