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Wildstar: Monday Link Love


Another Monday’s here, so here’s my list of interesting posts and news from the Wildstar web, plus a few more blogs to add to the Wildstar blog list. As always, if there’s a blog or Wildstar resource you think should be on any Wildstar blogroll, please share.

Fansites and Resources

  • One of the probably more confusing things in Wildstar is how you acquire AMPs. While the tier 1 AMPs that other games might call talents are just there, you have to run across the world to find the vendors to sell you all the other AMPs so that you can actually slot them. Most AMPs are tied to reputation vendors, but some are only available as world drops, e.g. If you were ever looking for your ultimate list of how to acquire AMPs for your class, Wildstar Core has the ultimate guide for us. If you’d rather not use a website to locate your AMPs, I highly recommend using the addon AMP Finder instead.
  • Everyone who is still leveling usually loves rested exp. In Wildstar, it’s not as clear-cut as in other games how you actually rest. Wildstar uses its housing system to grant you rested exp, so I highly recommend never logging out anywhere else but at your home, sweet home. However, you can work on actually improving the rate of rested exp. How, you can learn in Arawulf’s Guide to Rested Exp at
  • Originally on Reddit, I stumbled across a post from someone asking questions about VikingUI. I always perk up at those magical letters, UI, and took a look. Originally started in this forum post, it looks like people are working on a minimalist UI to replace the bit of a hot mess the default UI still is. There’s already parts of the UI available on github. I will definitely keep my eyes on this.
  • As announced by The Gaff himself, Carbine devs continue their transparency and announced the first ban wave of many. Apparently afking in PvP was not only a thing in Alterac Valley back when I still PvPd in WoW but is also rampant in Wildstar. I bet the most of us have received gold seller arena invites or mails. Glad they are working on fixing this.
  • I already linked to Gracie’s housing 101 that explained how to copy transforms before, but if you need a more visual guide of how the Advanced housing controls work, here’s a video I found on Reddit.


Blogwise, it was a relatively quiet week, with no fierce discussions about attunements and such. Still, I managed to read some very good ones, and am adding a few more blogs to the blogroll.

  • Applecidermage wrote a very interesting post about female NPCs on Nexus. It’s refreshing to see that just about every Wildstar NPC race you stumble upon has female character models as well, despite some of them being a bit boobalicious. Here’s looking at you, Falkrin. But still, even races like the Skeesh have female models, though I am pondering if Moodies have females. Still, many of us come from World of Warcraft, and on Azeroth there are no female ogres, kobolds, gnolls, murlocs, etc. I like a world that includes both genders.
  • One aspect of the game that I haven’t explored yet but ultimately want to is the economy game. I follow @Anhrez who seems exceptionally good at the AH game but so far his econ magic doesn’t rub off on me. Trin from Nexus Nuggets describes how she made her first platinum by being an altoholic. Maybe I should work on that.
  • I am adding three more blogs to the blogroll this week because they’ve had interesting Wildstar content. First, we have Missy’s Mojo, an EU blogger who started with the recent NBI, and who seems obsessed with murder bunnies Aurin. She plays on Lightspire EU, like I do, and you can find her on Twitter as @missysmojo.
  • Laughter is another female gamer who enjoys Wildstar, and does UI posts, so a girl after my own heart. While not posting exclusively about Wildstar, I enjoyed her Wildstar posts, and that’s why she gets added. You can find her on Twitter as @_Laughter.
  • My Life on Nexus is the blog of Phil who is a Brit living in the US. He hasn’t posted a lot yet, but that will change, hopefully!

And that’s it for this week. As stated above, happy to add any links from comments, if you found anything cool.


  1. Thank you for the shout <3
    I'm not a murderous bunny, I do however obsess about murderous KITTEN AURINS, rawr!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out. My views have shot up as a result:


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