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Wildstar: Monday Link Love


I am moving the link love posts to Mondays, because who doesn’t want to read great Wildstar links on a Monday morning? As always, if there’s any links you think I have missed, please holler at me. 🙂 My apologies for not really posting any new content of my own, week has been hectic. I have a new kitty now, so please meet Morgana aka Momo, our 8 months old deaf Maine Coon kitten from a shelter.

Our new kitty in one of her favorite spots, towering over us peons. :)

Our new kitty in one of her favorite spots, towering over us peons. 🙂

Fansites and Resources

  • I wrote a class guide while Wildstar was still in the beta, but Wildstar Report have just released a much better class primer that showcases the different classes very nicely and has some support links as well if you want to continue reading guides for a specific class. Handy!
  • Wildstar allows 2-factor authentication using Google Authenticator, which requires a smartphone. Don’t have a smartphone? Here’s a Reddit guide how to use a Windows application as authenticator.
  • Addon Watch: Reddit is a great way to be alerted to cool new addons, but so is Twitter. Here are some that have caught my eye this week. Once I get around to testing, you will hear more details: MrFancyPants is an equipment manager for people who play their assault and support roles both, and SpellPower is an improved resource bar addon that currently only supports spellslingers and is looking for beta testers.


  • The dominant blogging topic of the week regarding Wildstar was a lively discussion about the 12-step raid attunement that Wildstar uses. It’s a battle between casual and hardcore that has gotten ugly in the public forums but also on Reddit, and heated in parts in the blogs as well. Here’s a list of bloggers who chimed in:

    If I missed any of the debate, please let me know. For reference, I am a huge fan of attunements, I think the chain looks like fun, and I will probably never raid 40-mans, just like I didn’t in vanilla WoW. I believe in the carrot on a stick of character progression that attunements are.

  • Out of the blue, I shall be adding another blog to the Wildstar blog list: Shotgun Shells and Cheese. In a notable post, the author is taking a look at lore regarding the Protostar. Are they not just the comical goblins of the Wildstar universe? Is there something deeper going on?
  • Gracie posted another great housing guide, this time moving forward to advanced controls and how you can clone the settings of a specific decor item.
  • Both Evelyn from Medic Probes and Virika from Nexus Nightly are looking at Amps. Evelyn talks about Medic support Amps and how to locate them, and Virika provides 6 handy tips, including how to use amps to make a little gold on the side.
  • I have two more new blogs for the blog list. Blue Blades Blog about Espers, @BlueBladesBlog on Twitter and The Son of Nexus by Average Gamer, @Avg_Gmr on Twitter.

Last but not least I have two videos. The first was recommended by @mikempty on Twitter:

The second is my GM’s house in Wildstar. Our officers have created gathering places for guild and RP meetings in their housing and that’s all kinds of awesome. Sadly, I cannot watch this video myself, because meh, YT in Germany is really irksome with any kind of video containing music.


  1. I just LOVE these posts. That’s more blogs for my feed reader. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the love, and for sharing more great resources!
    I also wanted to point you at lonomonkey over at who has also been weighing in on the attunement debate!

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