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Wildstar: Sunday Link Love


Yay, first new post at the new domain. I have tinkered all day to make the move and am quite happy.

I will try to make this a weekly addition to this blog, pointing folks at interesting Wildstar-related news bits that I have read in previous days. Some will be from blogs, some others from news sites, and if I find new blogs, I’ll add them to my list here as well.

I am beginning with the launch trailer. I think by the time the game officially launched on June 3rd, most people who were interested in launch, were already playing since headstart. Nevertheless, the trailer is exciting, gives us hints about Drusera, and maybe our first ultimate end boss on Nexus. I have to say, the longer I play, the more fascinated I am with the lore. Awesome job.

Fansites and Resources:

  • Wildstar Fans is a great site that often posts guides to things that are not always clearly explained in the game. Their guide about interrupts is great. If you had no idea that interrupts provide you with Moments of Opportunity, adding bonus damage, or how Interrupt Armor works, I recommend reading the post.
  • Another quality post from Wildstar Fans is their guide about Housing Privacy and Resource Sharing. It explains how you can keep your house private (or not) and how you can determine how many of the resources of any resource plot you have in your house (e.g. mining) will go to your visiting neighbors.
  • Speaking of housing: it’s REALLY popular and taking the Wildstar blog scene by storm. How good that we have two new resources for housing that I will gladly add to my Wildstar Resources list. The first is Living in Wildstar, which is another housing database that shows you models of all housing additions, and lets you also view costs. The second project is Nexus Cribs, and it’s a true showcase to the wildly amazing houses that are already out there. You can upload screenshots of your own house, or browse what other users have uploaded. Amazing.
  • Wildstar requires fairly beefy computers. If you are struggling with performance issues, there’s a Settings & Performance Guide at Nexus Archives.


  • The stats in Wildstar do not always make the most sense, and whenever I try a new class, I have to press P a lot to remind myself which stats are important to me. Medic Probes found some great infographics about stats on a French site and shared. Also, she hit 50, crazy stuff! (hides her level 17 self)
  • Gracie at Moonshine Mansion expands her housing tutorials and teaches how to place and rotate items. It can be daunting, but she makes placing beer signs look easy. 🙂
  • Applecidermage talks about how she was pleasantly surprised by an interrogation quest in Galeras. I also applaud this! I have to note that as Dominion player I unfortunately run into a lot of those quests that don’t have such a happy ending. But that’s what I get for playing the exaggerated villain faction.
  • A new blog for my Wildstar blogs list. Actually not new, I just missed it the first time round: Mectrid’s Tool Box. He’s also on Twitter as @Mectrid.
  • Maric, a member of the Alliance of Awesome, had been fairly vocal about not enjoying Wildstar in the beta the past few months. Now he wrote a great post about how now he feels he was wrong.

Seen anything cool that I missed? Please share!


  1. Yay, looks good. 🙂

    Small bug report: index page has a title of “| Wildstar, games and other nerdery” while this page has “Wildstar: Sunday Link Love |”.

    But a big 🙁 to letting the old domain expire, it’s where I first found your blog, although I do not remember any circumstances, probably researching for my Prot Warrior alt in TBC or WotLK… and yes, it’s outdated and old, but I still hated the fact that so many blog links on my list were dead after cleaning up after 2 years…

  2. Thanks for the bug report, fixed it. I was trying to hide the site title without touching the CSS and that didn’t quite work. I will have to make this a child theme eventually.

    Sorry about the old domain! It was a tough decision. A lot of my online ‘identity’ as such is tied to the name Kadomi, and let’s face it, the one true Kadomi is a mohawked green-skinned orc protection warrior lady. I have fantastic memories of my time blogging there and the friends that I made.

    Ultimately, it came down to a decision if I still wanted to pay for webspace and traffic for a site that’s dead.

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