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A painful juxtaposition


Work. Monday afternoon.

3:45 PM. Mail to a IT guy on the client’s side: Can you please send us 500 records in packets of 100?

3:54 PM. IT guy mail: Do you want that in packets of 100 or 500?

3:58 PM. IT guy mail: I haven’t heard back so I’m sending you packets of 100 in 5 minute intervals.

Work. Wednesday evening.

5:34 PM. Mail to the IT guy: Can you please turn the packet size down to 50 now that we’re done with the initial import?

Work. Friday afternoon.

1:12 PM. Mail to the IT guy: I haven’t heard back about the packet size.

1:16 PM. IT guy mail: What!? I said on the telephone that we can adjust it.

1:18 PM. Mail to the IT guy: Maybe you did, but since it wasn’t to me….

Like my boss says: Einmal mit Profis, ey.

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