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No fun


I’m home, off sick for a wretchedly painful shoulder/back issue, which has been fine every morning and hell every evening for the last couple weeks. I hate going to the doctor’s office, because I hate dealing with their front desk staff, although I have been trying very hard to have a more optimistic attitude and just ooze expectations of friendliness and competence when I go in monthly for my allergy shots. It has actually been working.

She also chewed on my hair.

She also chewed on my hair.

The very nice doctor cracked my back in several spots and sent me home with scary muscle relaxers, instructions to lie down and rest a lot, a referral to a physiotherapist for remedial shoulder exercises (I don’t think it translates that way exactly but you get the idea), and told me to put pain gel and heat on it to help everything settle down. I am not sure a ten pound cat was her preferred method of heat but it sure is cozy.

It’s only barely three PM and I am out of patience. I have read about twenty trashy crime novels (okay, three) and eaten lunch and checked my work mail twice and thought about making soup but every single pot and pan is dirty since the bottom half of our dishwasher is on the lam and we are really bad at doing dishes. Plus I don’t think I can chop vegetables while laying down.

I just got a smartphone. I’ve resisted this for years because I’m pretty sure Murphy is going to have my horse toss me the first time I go riding now, and I’ll land on the phone and crack it immediately. I keep messaging Andie and she doesn’t respond. It’s like she’s at work or something.

I can’t even cheat on my sick day and go riding – it’s raining. Time to either break out the video games or start a new character for my roleplaying MUSH. Or read the rulebook for my first ever D&D session Saturday! I’m sure some of you play – what’s your one top tip for not being a noob?

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