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Kadomi’s WoW catharsis


Schmitt’s cathartic post about our beloved Luigi-boy reminded me that I have something that bothers me as well, and that writing about it will maybe help healing the wound that I dug myself. It’s not comparable to the loss of our kitty in any way, but I had to write down why I am currently not playing World of Warcraft.

In 2013 I played two MMOs. Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft. GW2 personally was full of disappointments for me and just not the kind of game I am looking for. WoW on the other hand got more love and attention from me than it had since WotLK. For the greatest part of the year I raided three times a week on my Death Knight Yatalai. I can honestly say that raids with Ashen Rose Conspiracy, my guild, are a joy. Smart people, great players, and above all fun. It was a great WoW year. Mists of Pandaria as a whole is an excellent expansion. But as I played it extensively, the end of expansion blues has settled in early. It came quite stealthily.

The top 10 games for 2013.

One could say I played World of Warcraft a bit in 2013.

For starters, I can’t be excited for Warlords of Draenor yet. I don’t like the time jumping nonsense they have come up with lorewise. Everyone who knows me knows that orcs are my favorite race to play, but I tire of an expansion of killing more orcs. Trolls got old. Orcs get old. Surely there are other races that need some spotlight. We don’t need the noble savage trope and extend on it anymore. The biggest downer of WoD however is that there’s no release date, nor any beta news. My guild just cleared Siege of Orgrimmar. I guess we can do heroic modes now. There is no new content. I can’t stand Timeless Isle. I don’t know what to do with myself in WoW anymore that’s not stale. The expansion seems very very far away.

I have concerns about my class. Or rather, there are things I enjoy about playing a Death Knight, and things I don’t. One of the things I don’t enjoy are the two different playstyles and gearing priorities of Frost. I want one spec to have the same stat priority no matter if I want to play with two 1H weapons or one 2H weapon. Also, I don’t want to be utterly dependent on weapon drops. My preferred playstyle is dual-wield frost. I hate the melee dependency on weapons, and I know I am not the only one. I haven’t been able to play DW frost since early in Throne of Thunder. I entered Siege of Orgrimmar with a strength polearm from a heroic scenario. I got a 2H sword off Sha of Pride fairly early in Siege, and never got any other weapon drop. I feel locked in the very slow playstyle of 2H frost that isn’t even doing that great numbers-wise. I have to admit I am a meter-whore, and seeing myself slip every raid the more gear the others got was a total killjoy. Maybe I just suck and am losing my edge.

I tried to battle my DK ennui by leveling healers. I have a decently geared disc priest, but I finally had to admit to myself that disc is very much flavor of the month, or maybe flavor of the expansion to me. I like being a triage healer. I don’t like being an Atonement healer doing DPS for heals. So I switched to leveling a paladin, Yacoran. A male tauren paladin. I enjoy healing on him tremendously. Unfortunately, I also feel I am not very good at it. Something’s not clicking 100%. My first LFRs were discouraging, but then, healing meters don’t say anything in LFR where most healers spam everything they got out of sheer boredom. But I also didn’t manage to get Proving Grounds Gold with the paladin. I managed that as both disc and holy with the priest. But the biggest downside: my guild has a stable core of reliable and absolutely amazing healers. There’s always room for more DPS. There’s not more room for healers. At least not at the moment. This brings me to the greatest downside of MoP for me: you cannot really have endgame ready alts unless you are willing to do countless LFRs. You cannot have a second legendary cloak with the same premise. If you don’t enjoy countless LFRs, then Timeless Isle is your last stop, with no further room to advance. As Tzufit described it on Twitter, alting is dead. At least in a way where you can do endgame activities on multiple characters.

My paladin who I still have hopes of actually turning into a main. Maybe.

My paladin who I still have hopes of actually turning into a main. Maybe.

ARC always has a holiday raid break. On December 23, I last logged in, on my banker. Put up auctions, pondered doing LFR with the paladin but a voice in my head said ‘Fuck it’. I went crazy at the Steam sale, played lots of single-player games, didn’t log on. A month passed. Raid break was over. My guild got their first boss kill since tier 14 that I hadn’t been part of. My guild started working on Garrosh. Still, I didn’t feel like logging in. Eventually I sent an apology PM to the guild officers, because I had run off without a warning. Almost two months later now, I am actually petrified to log back in. The officers told me not to sweat it, and to come to alt flex raids with the paladin. I just don’t know yet. I miss the guild so much. When you raid with mostly the same 10-15 people for over a year, 2-3 times a week, people I actually met RL at the guild meeting in Cambridge, it’s tough suddenly not having them in my life anymore. Also, I feel terrible because my friend Ria from my former US guild came to play with me, and then I ran off. That was pretty uncool.

I expect I will fall back into that rabbit hole sometime, because I want to, but right now, it still doesn’t feel right. I missed the Garrosh kill. I am so thrilled and happy for the raiders in ARC, but at the same time I am so sad that I chose to not participate because I have issues. I am sad that I cannot enjoy my DK enough anymore, that being a top 3-4 DPS wasn’t enough for me for my personal pride.

And that’s why I am currently not playing WoW yet grieve about it.


  1. Soooooo…. two dumb questions:

    1) What’d you do post-LK in Wrath? There are about 10x the end-game activities these days vs then, what amused you at that point that’s leaving you dry at this point? Me, once my main raid stopped raiding I flipped to a couple of alts and met some new folks who were behind on ICC progression from where my main group was. That’s still an option, of course, but with Flex included it’s an even better one, plus all the other stuff you can do. Sometimes it is just time for a break, though.

    2) If you don’t like Atonement as Disc… how about not Atonementing as Disc? Disc has a perfectly viable toolset even without poking the enemy mobs. Penance works on mobs without red nameplates above their heads, too. 🙂 This translates well to Mist/Fistweaver Monks, too, of course. Call it the hybrid healing model, both are viable both ways, they just push different player buttons.

    Also, it sounds to me in your last couple of paragraphs that the officers are right, Flex sounds like a good landing pad to get you back into things or even just give you a bit of social time with the guild and no requirements outside of it.

    • No dumb questions. 🙂

      1) My guild was even more casual then, and so we had only a couple of weeks between LK kill and Cata patch. In that time we ran heroics, did Ruby Sanctum as lame as that raid was, and completed the heroics meta achievements. Poked a couple of hardmode bosses even.

      As for MoP activities, I could probably do dungeon achievements, and that’s actually piquing my interest right now. As much as I enjoy scenarios as an addition, I miss beefy 5-man content. I didn’t do challenge modes because I don’t like speedruns. I wish there was something similar to CMs not based on speed.

      2) I forgot to mention that I also have a mistweaver at 90. Didn’t work for me at all, I was terrible at weaving in fist as well, and felt their toolkit otherwise plays like a weak druid. In all honesty, they’re probably too advanced a class for me to master. I never tried being a triage healer as disc, but I don’t know, I can imagine it’s like not playing the class to their maximum capability. I have this need to actually play very well, and Atonement is so strong.

      I often wonder what people are doing now in WoW. I wish I was more into battle pets than I really am.

      • Oh, dumb questions exist, I see hundreds in general chat every night. 🙂

        Ah, so you were raiding ICC for the full year then. That’s its own challenge, of course… I was glad we killed LK when we did, after about 6 weeks of lockouts, just before the second set of nerfs/buffs (not sure how that corresponds time-wise)… once we killed him, we were done and broke up until Cat when most of us re-connected again. We did do Ruby Sanctum once, just to do it, then never went back.

        The things on my personal bucket list are slowly get my remaining toons to 90, maybe try to put together a challenge mode group to give those a try while they’re still available, chase achievement mounts, get every viable toon a decent weapon, find a regular flex run (seems to be a dry spell for those right now, most groups that I know have moved past flex into normals), farm up old legendaries when I’m bored… and catching up on other games that have been in my backlog. It’s a relatively ambitious list but nothing’s must-do, I play entirely to my mood on non-raid nights. I also don’t pet battle although I know lots of folks are busy doing that these days.

        I do wish they’d introduced additional 5-mans but you don’t HAVE to treat CMs as speed runs… that’s where the rewards lie, sure, but if you’re just looking for some challenging content to run with some friends, don’t pay attention to the time… but doing the same instances for the hundredth time, even on a harder difficulty, may not be the most enjoyable thing to do.

        I can’t really disagree about MW, that was my experience as well for the week or two I tried healing in early MoP… but I’ve read/heard enough interesting things about it since that I’m thinking about it giving it a try again as another bucket list item. Maybe. Fistweaving and Atonement, while they CAN be a primary/exclusive healing style for mid-tier and below content (there isn’t anything I like better in LFR than Atonement healing), can’t really hold up on harder content so it really is just a filler in the toolbox… the equivalent of a Holy Priest casting Heal on cooldown but without a target requirement. I haven’t actually triage healed as disc since Atonement did become semi-viable but I know a few disc healers who kill at it, they only Atonement during slow periods to provide a bit of dps and do a bit of maintenance healing.

        The one thing I think I’ve learned about MW that makes me think I might be able to do it is that, thematically, it’s not too far off holy pallies… it’s a generate/spend play style, like with holy power. At the most basic level, generate Chi via one of various options and then spend them on various other options. Somehow I missed that being the rhythm of the style when I was doing it, Chi were more of a side-effect than a focus, I was trying to heal like a priest or shammy and focusing solely on making health bars go up via abilities that didn’t seem particularly well-suited to doing it, either they didn’t do enough or another healer was doing it first.

        (and since your pally isn’t clicking either, maybe that’s the issue there as well if you’re focused more on “healing” than “generate/spend”, you probably feel like you’re missing half the toolbox even though all the buttons are on your bar)

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