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Book Corner: The Whisperer


The Whisperer
The Whisperer by Donato Carrisi

The Whisperer is a thriller by Italian author Donato Carrisi. I love me a good thriller, and I fully admit to some odd fascination with serial killers. This should have been right down my alley, but unfortunately, it was far more average than I had hoped for.

5 girls are abducted, all of them only children in their families. The team working the case find a graveyard with the girls’ left arms, but there are 6 arms, not 5. A race begins to find the last girl. The killer slowly reveals one dead girl after the other, and the discovery is always linked to other brutal crimes the police did not know about yet.

Our main character is Mila Vasquez, a police officer who is outstanding at finding missing children. She is to assist the team around the criminologist Goran. I realize the novel would have been far better for me if I had felt any sort of connection to Mila. She’s a flawed, darkish character who is also a cutter. Well, sorry, but Gillian Flynn did that kind of protagonist much better.

Then the story jumps the shark because they involve a nun who is a medium to get a description of the mastermind. I don’t know, really?

There are many twists and turns at the end that elevate the novel again, but it was fairly average. A shame.

My verdict: (3.5 / 5)

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