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Book Derp


See that lovely blog post Kadomi wrote? With a fancy link to goodreads and an image of the cover? And how she knows the name of the author and the title of the book? And discourses wisely about the plot and characters?

Yeah. I finally started a goodreads account, too, and rated about a hundred books that I remember well enough to rate. But that was just yesterday and I’m not accustomed to logging books yet. So I finished a book on the subway home today. It was mildly interesting – about some different ways humanity has nearly gone extinct already or could do in the near future. It was written for a middle-brow audience, frat-boy style, with various jokes about things that act like penises and several fart jokes. (Ass-teroid! Get it? Ha ha! Ha. …Ha.)

Once I hit the bibliography, I closed the book on my Kindle, deleted it, and hit ‘OK – delete from device’. Here I sit four hours later with not the faintest clue who the author was, what the title of the book was, nor any sort of clue to the above save that I think it’s in the first half of the alphabet since I stopped putting books on my Kindle somewhere around the Ls last time. I’ve googled for ten minutes with no result save that the NSA is going to come ask me why I am googling ‘ways to make the human race extinct’.

Am I good at this book review stuff or what?


  1. Because I am awesome, and a lot more organized than Schmitt, I can enlighten all readers that the book is called Everything is Going to Kill Everybody by Robert Brockway. I am too lazy to grab the cover though. >.>

  2. At least some guys at NSA HQ are busy for a while now. And… There are books that are just not meant to be remebered. 🙂

    • Yesterday evening I googled a bunch of stuff about opium poppies for a plot on my MUSH. Hang on one sec.


      There we go.

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