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What does it mean to be a nerd?


To have a nerdgasm. To geek out about something. To boldly nerd.

Passion is at the heart of being a nerd. It’s impossible to be a nerd without having your fandom, without being able to discourse about it, argue about it, decorate your house with it, and wake up from a sound sleep with a dream that puts you in the middle of it fading away from your tired brain. And we two, we would like to be bold nerds. We would like to announce our nerdiness to the world. These days, being a nerd doesn’t get such bad press as it used to, and there are all sorts of ways to be a nerd, from mainstream video games and TV shows all the way up to the nerds who’ve seen every episode of Star Trek multiple times and have models of the USS Enterprise hanging in their shower.


Kadomi and I, we’re solidly in the middle. We are comfortable, middle-aged nerds with day jobs and two cats, Space Invaders decals on our kitchen cabinets and #include beer.h on our beer glasses. We are living the nerd life. Boldly! That’s why the license plate of our car is NE RD 302. We are representing (and I nearly caused an accident when I spotted NE RD 404 in front of us and screamed).

I’m a professional nerd. I love databases and array manipulation and regular expressions. Currently I’m doing a project based on the Angular JS framework and it’s new and exciting. When I get home from work I log into my baby, Second Pass MUSH, and spend some time roleplaying or shooting the shit or doing some MUSH coding, which looks like this:

TRIG-WEATHER_SETUP: think [setq(0, ifelse(strmatch(u(#808/data-plot), Y), plot, elements(ictime(), 3)))][setq(1, inc(rand(5)))][setq(2, switch(%q1, 1, 24, div(24, %q1)))]; &data-daily-temp #808=[u(#808/fun-daily_temp, %q0)]; &data-daily-wind #808=[u(#808/fun-daily_wind, %q0)]; &data-daily-sky #808; &data-daily-forecast #808;@dolist lnum(1, %q1)={think [setq(5, choose(u(#808/data-types), u(#808/data-month%q0_types_w)))][setq(4, switch(eq(#@, %q1), 0, add(2, rand(add(%q2, 2))), sub(24, %_6)))][store(6, add(%_6, %q4))];&data-daily-forecast #808=[u(#808/data-daily-forecast)] %q4 hours of %q5;&data-daily-sky #808=[u(#808/data-daily-sky)] [iter(lnum(1, %q4), [setx(7, inc(%_7))][first(shuffle(u(#808/fun-getweather, %q5, %_7, %q0)))])];};think [store(6,)][store(7,)];


Isn’t that fun!?

What else should you know about me? Sometimes I play computer games, and I did the WoW thing for several years, but these days I’ve backed off on all that as it stresses my wrist and I need that hand for… uh… various things. I read a lot. I’m a voracious reader, and I have a long commute on bus and subway so I go through a lot of reading material and I love recommendations – varying from trashy romances to non-fiction books about Stuff (anything by what’s-his-face is great, I just finished A Basque History of the World) to fantasy / sci-fi.  Also, I have a legitimately rotten memory; Kadomi will fill in that author name for me, I’m sure. Nerdwise I’m a Star Trek: TNG girl, started my computer life out on an Atari 800, loved Dragon Age, and squeed with joy at my recent delivery of real-tree copies of XKCD, Hyperbole and a Half, and How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You.

And I’m looking forward to getting to know you!


  1. Welcome. 😀 The Internet needs more nerds or else the sports freaks will think they can just take over the place. 😉

  2. Welcome and welcome back to Kadomi! Nice to see some life here again! 🙂 Looking forward to your next articles! 🙂

  3. Welcome and Nerds Unite!! It’s great to love and accept who we are — especially when we’re awesome people.

    You’ve also reminded me I need to finish Dragon Age!! XD

    • Yeah, somewhere in between high school and today, I learned to own who I am. It probably didn’t hurt that I moved to Germany, where individual Americans are still The Shit even though America the country is spying on their chancellor’s cell phone….

  4. Welcome to the world of bloging. I can’t claim to fully understand everything you were writing but not a bad first post.

  5. WTB whitespace in that code chunk. I tried reading it, but quickly gave up >.>

    But yay more nerdy bloggers! And more software developers as bloggers!

    • Hee! Yeah, it keeps your brain on its toes. There’s at least one program to format it, but I’m used to it unformatted – as long as you’ve got a text editor that does bracket highlighting, it’s workable.

  6. NERD 302 as a car plate is so much better though than NERD 404, for obvious reasons.

    That’s all. Oh, except that my car plate is ACK 2048 (ACK 793 was already taken, sadly).

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