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Another one bites the subscription dust


The big news yesterday was something I had somewhat expected ever since Scott Hartsman left Trion Worlds in January:


Over the years I have mentioned multiple times that I find Rift one of the nicest MMO experiences out there. I was a subscriber for 9 months after release, and went back on a trial basis last year. It’s a great, highly polished game with tons of interesting features and cool classes. Unfortunately the playing experience is maybe a bit too close to WoW and so I never really went back full-time. When I read about the F2P transition next month my first thought was ‘Wow, how awesome is that?’ It means that a ‘WoW tourist’ like me will have the opportunity to go back whenever I please, without any pressure, and without any obvious restrictions that would make it unpalatable to me – like say, SWTOR’s reduced amount of action bars, come on. Of course that’s easy for me to say. I am not a current subscriber, and some of those might feel entirely different about the transition, like Liore, whose opinion I value greatly. She is bummed, and probably for good reason. Non-cosmetic gear for sale in a cash shop smells like pay to win to me. On the other hand, if it’s solely catch-up gear so people can start raiding with their friends, maybe not so bad. I guess only time will tell, but as always, I wish Trion Worlds well, because ultimately, they always struck me as a good publisher who worked hard on making Rift very polished, with an incredibly high pace of new content delivery. Come June 12, I will likely download the client once again and dip my toes in. I always thought chloromancers were nifty.

In WoW news

No 5.3 this week means I can mostly just putter around again. This coming week I will purchase the last piece of DPS gear for Yatalai with VP, and then I am done with that. I don’t have the energy to do the valor grind for tanking gear and instead will use any future VP for upgrades. With an ilevel of 509, I am chafing at the bit to be rid of my next to last piece of gear from T14, my Shoulderpads of Misshapen Life. I predict another week of me blowing two Mogu Runes on Iron Qon and Tortos in LFR to replace the shoulders, to get…gold. I have heard complaints about the loot system a lot, and because I have been a lucky beeyatch it’s never bothered me, but T15 is not very kind to me. Double-gold, all the time. Lame!

As I was valor-capped by yesterday, I decided to work on Raiding with Leashes some more. Gluth was a disappointment again, but I burned him down in no time. He was my only problem boss in my first solo Naxx attempts (aside from those two annoying guys before Thaddius), so I was pretty pleased with that. From there I decided I would try my luck with Blackwing Lair. According to forums, Razorgore is sooooo ez-mode, and everyone who can’t solo this a lesser player. Well, don’t let it be said I am that. Three wipes later, I started considering myself a lesser player. Most of the adds aggroed onto Razorgore, and when I hadn’t even cleared half of the eggs, he would die. Incidentally, so would I. Our raid leader Savitr was online, and confused about why the adds didn’t latch onto me. He recommended dismissing Razorgore instead of having it drop off. What can I say? That did the trick. Once I dismissed him, all of his friends ran over to me, I took control again, and once there were too many adds again, I dismissed again. Success!

Of course I’ll have to do it again next week, because neither Razorgore, nor Broodlord Lashlayer coughed up any pets. At least I got Chrominius!

I spent the rest of the day playing the little disc priest who could. She’s now level 57, and Outland is looming ever closer. As much as I love TBC it pains me to say that at the thought of Outland, I am bored already.

The Godmother won at WoW blog posts yesterday. Her post about attunements of old made me very nostalgic for them. It reminded me of the Onyxia chain for horde. It was a flipping pain in the arse, it was for sure. It was also one of the most satisfying experiences I had in the game. I fondly remember turning Rend’s head in to Thrall. I felt like a hero. I don’t feel like a hero today, even though Wrathion has me jumping through crazy hoops. Yet, I do not know if this same feeling can ever be brought back to a more modern WoW audience. We’ve all been spoiled by the game.

Two people, what to play?

I like board games. I really do. I love opening new boxes, and the prettier a game, the happier it makes me. Board game nights are always highlights for me. My SO LOVES board games. She’s excellent at just about any board game. The only board game she didn’t fully warm up to was Dominion, which is a shame, I like it a lot. If she could, my SO would play board games every night. Did I mention she’s good? She’s really good. This means for 2-player games, she usually dominates every game so hard that I find little enjoyment in them. She’s a top-notch programmer, her mind works completely different from mine. When it comes to games, she’s a Vulcan, cold logic, and the goal to crush her opponents.

So I come looking for help, Interwebz. If anyone who reads this knows any really cool 2-player games, please leave a comment. Somewhere out there must be the game where I won’t be crushed every single time I play with her. Right? We enjoy Kingdom Builder, but I don’t like it as a 2-player game. Qwirkle didn’t work at all, because she’s like a friggin’ computer when it comes to it. She actually wrote an AJAX-version with computer opponents and multiplayer support in her spare time. The Settlers of Catan card game is good, but it takes an eternity to play.

Must look harder. Last night we played Yahtzee, and that’s at least a game we can play without me wanting to flip tables.

Tonight we’re going to the circus. I haven’t been to the circus in like a million years. Seriously, since my childhood. I hope it’s going to be good. I am skipping raid night for it, so it better be good! 🙂


  1. We play a number of board/card games in a 3-4 player group, but a few of them translate somewhat well to 2-players. The only two that come immediately to mind are Race For the Galaxy and Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, which are both card based.

    As for SWTOR, I found the F2P constraints very unpleasant when it was first unveiled. It looks like they’ve actually loosened some of those recently – for example as a former subscriber with “Preferred” status I was allowed up to use up to 4 action bars this weekend, which was just enough for my needs. Most of the irksome cosmetic things like being unable to hide your head gear, unify colors, display a title, etc. can be unlocked permanently through the microtransaction store, though they don’t come cheap at about $5-7 per feature.

    I don’t like where EA/Bioware are steering the game as far as the microtransactions go, but I want to at least finish up my Jedi Consular and Sith Assassin class storylines before I remove it from my computer for good.

  2. Oooh, I have heard great stuff about Race For the Galaxy. Must grab those two. Thanks for the recommendations!

    I haven’t been back to SWTOR recently, but I hear F2P brought them in influx of people. I need to wrap up my stories as well but am not so interested in general.

  3. Hi Kadomi.

    Its so great to see you blogging again 🙂 I been subscribed to your blog for ages now. Your post made me think of another epic questline. The quest to get Quel’serrar that awesome tanking blade. That was quite an effort. I was offtank at my guild at that time and we were able to do Onyxia and just started on doing BWL. You need to hardened the unfinished blade by the fire of onyxia and then drive it into her when shes dead. The first time I blew it……somehow I placed it wrongly infront of her and it didnt get hardened. I had to wait a whole week more to get it haha 🙂 Still it was one of the biggest satisfaction through my wow experience

    • I bet that was awesome. I didn’t raid in vanilla (I don’t think doing UBRS counts as raiding), but I know all the stories of the hunter and priest epic quest chains, of Ragnaros’ hammer and Quel’serrar. I don’t think collecting sigils is comparatively epic, though I do like the solo scenarios for Wrathion.

      But dang, a Quel’serrar. Sounds awesome. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the kind words, Kadomi. 🙂 I hope the best for RIFT too, and as people pointed out to me after posting, this is probably a good thing for the game in the short term. I’m less confident in the long term, but I think a big part of my disappointment is that I was rooting for RIFT to be The Little Game That Does Things Differently (rationally or not) and it doesn’t seem to be working out.

    Glad to see you blogging again!

    • Thanks! So far I am not running out of things to post about, whew. We’ll see how it goes once I go back to work next week!

      I think Rift will probably do really well with F2P. Has Trion made any statement regarding how content updates will be handled? Maybe it’ll all work out. The MMO waters are really highly diluted these days, the pool getting bigger and bigger.

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