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Ogres are for killing


If yesterday’s return to blogging accomplished anything, it was a desire to actually finish one of the things I started in WoW, namely the goal of obtaining 100 mounts. I gave my reputation panel a long, hard look, and the Mag’har grind just seemed by far the easiest. I have a two monitor setup, so one monitor I fired up episode 5 of the current season of Game of Thrones, and on the other monitor I slaughtered ogres. Many ogres.

The inside of the cave looked similar. Fantastic respawn rate though!

The inside of the cave looked similar. Fantastic respawn rate though!

On top of the plentiful amount of ogres, I think I walked out of this with about ten stacks of adamantite ore, which will sell nicely. I think the episode wasn’t over before I had finished the grind. I was at 7k/21k through Revered, and it took me exactly 150 warbeads plus slaughtered ogres to hit Exalted. I am currently reading Christie Golden’s Rise of the Horde, which fills my old-school, TBC-loving, horde for life heart with joy, along with a desire to wish that my WoW farm was in Nagrand and not in Pandaria. Mag’har of Draenor is an achievement every orc should strive for, if you ask me.

A bit too bright red for my tastes, but hey, here's my dragonhawk!

A bit too bright red for my tastes, but hey, here’s my dragonhawk!

WoW-wise, the rest of the day was spent playing Yamaline the disc killing machine priest. I mean, seriously? I recently leveled an affliction warlock to 56, and killing things on her was sort of a slog. Which might me an issue that affliction is crap for leveling. And yet here’s my little pandaren who goes through mobs like a hot knife through butter. Questing has been very pleasant on her indeed, a nice break from having to deal with idiots and abuse in instances. I might have to switch from questing to pet battling full time though, because wowza.

Nearly 8k experience for a pet battle? I'll take it!

Nearly 8k experience for a pet battle? I’ll take it!

On top of that I got the 150 collected battle pets cheese, so now I have a Celestial Dragon of my own, hooray. According to WarcraftPets, 72.4% of my battle pets are uncommon, which just goes to show you how very little patience I have when it comes to collecting pets. The moment I see an uncommon pet I snag it and am done with it. Then I go read comments on Breanni’s site and see people who went for like 200 battles to get a rare version. I did use a couple battle stones to upgrade a few pets I really like. My current team that I am leveling so I can take on the Pet Battle guy in Feralas is Mini Thor, a rare Yeti and my lovable maggot.

I am still working on Raiding with Leashes but am slightly discouraged by my inability to solo Razorgore. Unfortunately I got ZERO pet drops in BWL the one day I had a guildie help me with Razorgore. I might try again, maybe it’s just a matter of me learning to solo this, but I am not convinced. I got one of the Molten Core pets, but MC is not a problem to solo anyhow. Naxxramas and AQ40 see me missing one pet each, off Gluth and Viscidus. Hardest work was probably Twin Emperors because it took me like three tries to actually understand that being a dual-wielding frost DK is probably the worst class you can be for this fight. Seriously terrible. With our mix of spells and physical attacks, I found I didn’t have enough oomph with either to outdps the healing they receive. 2H would have been better because Obliterates are all physical. In the end, I played it safe and went with the ‘I win!’ spec blood in my DPS gear, and down they went.

The RL battle pets

I am the feeder of three cats, two striped ones, Luigi and Jenny, and our tuxedo Merlin. They’re all not normal in their own way. Luigi is obsessed with non-stop contact to hands. A life where he is not petted constantly is empty and hollow to him. Jenny is a prissy Princess with hygiene issues. She feels she clearly shouldn’t share a litter box with stinky boys, so in protest pees in the shower and big potted plants. Needless to say, we no longer have big potted plants. Oh, she also licks walls, windows, and rocks. Worst, this is contagious and Luigi now also passionately licks windows and the shower walls. Last but not least is Merlin. We often refer to him as Kiffer-Katze, a pothead kitty. He’s a bit on the slow side and lets you do things with him no other cat would tolerate. My SO has a famous act where she slides in using him as her air guitar. He likes being vacuumed, on low. He leans into the breeze of the vacuum. Which cat does that?!? He regularly gets his crazy five minutes where he will bounce up walls, and his favorite sleeping place is my SO’s armpit where he sleeps like a baby on his back. Sometimes she will tie him into a baby-sling like blanket and he loves it. Needless to say, we love all three crazies quite dearly, and worry our heart’s out when they have to go to the vet. Jenny is our biggest problem kitty. She is prone to get really sick, and it took us til last year to find out that she has a feline heart disease, HCM. Merlin is usually our robust boy, but for the past couple weeks he’s had this big lump under his left eye. We finally took him to the vet and when they tried to take a tissue sample, relaxed pothead kitty turned into a ferocious tiger because he thought getting poked with a long needle right below his eye was really uncool. I don’t blame him, really.

Please meet Merlin. He fits into any box, honestly.

Please meet Merlin. He fits into any box, honestly.

Yesterday, he went into surgery for it, and we are very relieved that it turned out to be a harmless adenoma that was removed. He also got his teeth cleaned, hooray. After I picked him up again from the vet, I no longer had quiet WoW playtime because he was full of neediness. Also, they did not tell me that the adhesive tape on his leg needed to be removed the moment we got home, so by the time my SO came home, his right foot was like…three times the size of his other foot. I still feel like a terrible cat mommy that I did not notice that straight away. Today, his foot is back to normal, his behavior is as normal as we can ever claim that he is, and we can breathe easier.

Game of Thrones

I am currently in the process of catching up on Game of Thrones. Remember, the show I recapped for like the first three episodes? I don’t know, I kinda stopped watching halfway through season 1, and still don’t know why. I gobbled up the rest now and am almost caught up completely. It’s a great show that really brings the books to life, but I am not 100% sold on the changes they did. What’s up with Robb’s storyline? I guess they really wanted to make him seem like this noble, fantastic King in the North, with the beautiful wife and a lovestory to match it. Also, in season 3 it really struck me that I doubt they can pull this off with their younger actors. Go back watch season 2 Bran, and then turn in again for season 3. He’s enormous now, and his voice has completely changed. Same with Arya growing up. By the time the show ends, they won’t be able to pass as kids anymore, at all.

Unsurprisingly, I am going with Brienne and Jaime being OTP. I really think Brienne’s actress is fantastic.

Am I the only one wondering what the success of the show is doing to GRRM? If I were him, I would really feel the unbearable pressure of having to knock out the rest of the story much faster than he’s been in previous years. Not that I am complaining, because I would rather continue reading than waiting years and years again.

What to play next?

This week of vacation I want to use the time to actually play something that’s not WoW. But what? The Witcher 2’s desktop icon is staring at me every day. I thought the prologue was tremendous when I played through it, but then when I reached the first town in the playthrough, my joy went poof. I don’t like the combat, and I do suck at it. I felt there were a multitude of quests, but not enough guidance where to go for them. Yup, that’s me, being ruined by mostly linear gameplay. Sorry, sandbox lovers, but I like following a thread through games. Running through the woods for ages without finding what I need for the quest makes me stop playing instead of being inspired to search some more. This is the prime reason I have never considered buying Skyrim.

I have a couple more games I could play. The Longest Journey started very nicely. I have both KotORs. Also, Deus Ex and a ton more. Hell, I never even finished Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood nor Arkham City. I just need something that totally grabs me, in the way L.A. Noire did.

Maybe by tomorrow I’ll be able to tell you that I managed to find something.

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