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Resolutions for 2013

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A week into the new year, and I have finally gotten around to thinking about my resolutions for the new year. I don’t usually do those, at least not for RL stuff. As far as the nerdy side of life goes, I have a few things in mind that I really want to aim for.


1) Blog more consistently. Aside from the occasional MMO post and my Goodreads book reviews, 2012 wasn’t that great a blogging year. I admit to missing the glory days of WoW blogging when my warrior blog actually saw a lot of traffic, but those days won’t come back, and I won’t blog like that anymore. Still, I want to aim for at least one blog post a week that’s actual content, if not more. Some of the things I have in mind are directly related to resolution number 2. Others involve possibly blogging more about WoW again. Now that my chosen class is death knight, I find that there’s a dearth of blogs about them out there. I felt kinda on my own learning how to become a decent frost death knight. Maybe others feel like that as well, who knows? I might post gear guides and such. Maybe. We’ll see. I want to, for sure.

2) Play more Steam games. It’s always the same. Everytime Steam does one of its huge sales (usually in summer and around Christmas) I act like a nerdy monkey and buy games. Every day I open the Steam shop, boggle at the sales and buy something. Gone are the days where gaming meant you had to pay a lot of money. One of the first games I ever bought was Ultima V. It cost me 79 DM back then. Nowadays, I buy games for under 10 Euro a pop, and they’re often not that old yet. People are ready to shell out a lot of money for cheap games. In this regard, Steam is revolutionary. Never has gaming been more accessible. What this means for me personally: a Steam library full of games I have purchased and then never touched. I know I am not alone with this problem, because many people buy Steam games on impulse simply because they are cheap, yet never play them. I plan on moving away from this. My resolution: play all unplayed games in Steam Library for at least an hour. If I like the game, I will work on actually completing the game. I will blog about my game reviews. I am going to start this week, with my indepth review of L.A. Noire.

3) Meet my Goodreads challenge this year. I am a huge fan of Goodreads. It introduces books to me I might otherwise never have heard of. I love reading, and it’s great to be able to discover books based on my friends or based on books I already love. Last year I challenged myself to read 40 books, and failed this, ending the year at 38 books. Close, but not good enough. My challenge goal for this year is 35. Definitely doable. Hopefully I might be able to up it. I think I’ll stop posting my reviews from Goodreads over here though. I might instead do a monthly summary of books I have read instead.

4) Find a new show to love. I always wanted to blog about it, and never got around to it. Last year I fell in love with the show Chuck, and inhaled all five seasons. I love it. It’s made my life a happier place. I wish all the best to all the former cast members of Chuck and fervently pray for a Chuck TV-movie. For 2013, I want to find a show that I might love just as much. Taking any suggestions! I am going to try out White Collar, based on many recommendations, but I am eager to hear more.

That’s pretty much it for now. Feels good to have direction for this year. May you all have a great 2013!

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  1. I like the book reviews <.<

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