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[WoW] Catching up at 90


It’s been a month since I last posted about WoW, and my general state of happiness about having started over. On December 4, I hit 90, and had wanted to post a lot about my current thoughts about WoW endgame as it is atm, and simply found myself overwhelmed by RL and the game itself. Too busy to blog, go figure!

Dinging in the Dread Wastes. Well on my road to be known as Wakener. Soooooon.

Dinging in the Dread Wastes. Well on my road to be known as Wakener. Soooooon.

I have kept myself very busy since then. For once, there’s the state of gearing up. My guild is good on tanks so my current main-spec is frost. I dual-wield, and find myself quite amazed at how very differently 2H and dual-wield frost play. I prefer the latter, even though I am not always happy with my lack of big burst DPS when I need it. Dual-wield feels comfortable by now. In most fights. I panic on Spirit Kings because my liberal use of Howling Blast dots up everyone during Maddening Shout. I suppose I should stick with Obliterate and Frost Strike then, but I am still trying to sort that out. I am very trigger-happy when it comes to Howling Blast. HB is my favorite WoW ability ever, right along with Chain Heal and Charge. Fun!

As DPS I do not find myself as shy about LFR as I used to be. In fact, most LFR raids so far have been a breeze, at least in Mogu’shan Vaults. I was lucky to score a few upgrades there, and it’s a good way to learn the basics of a fight for the normal version of a raid. Last night, I did Heart of Fear for the first, tagging along with a bunch of guildies, and it was there that I had my first run-in with the seedy side of WoW community. Name calling, insults, epeen swinging, it was all there. Strangely enough, it was still fun, because we were laughing about it on guild Vent. LFR with guildies is definitely much preferable to LFR on your own. I have only attended one guild raid so far, clearing to Elegon in Mogu’shan Vaults, and had a great time there. Good raiders, good people. Relaxed raiding in a good atmosphere, with people who play well. What more could I want? We’re on holiday raid break at the moment, so I accepted the invitation of some dude called Zellviren and joined his guild in a full MSV clear. I learned several things in that raid: people hold me in way too high esteem based on my prot warrior blog days, I am a real scrub, and HALP I CANNOT DODGE DEVASTATING COMBO, HOW DO??!!?

One dead bug, despite the ton of people running under him, and me finally looking good on the meters. Rar!

One dead bug, despite the ton of people running under him, and me finally looking good on the meters. Rar!

Now that I have mentioned Heart of Fear, I can state that my gearing up has been progressing okay. I finally managed to acquire a new cloak via valor points for the Mystically Superior achievement, leaving me with two not so great pieces of gear, two rings, bah. I am working through my gear list, and am currently debating if I should post it here. The ultimate frost DPS gear list, rar. There are plenty of sites out there that assist with compiling lists like that, e.g. the great gear lists at Icy Veins, but I know those lists are always popular when compiled into blog format. I will have to see if I can motivate myself.

Aw yeah, I feel so superior already!

Aw yeah, I feel so superior already!

I have run heroics, but actually not as much as I thought I would. I find myself either out of time, or actually valor-capped. While 5-man content has always been my favorite kind of content, I have been so busy with dailies that I do not really run heroics once there are no valor points involved. I have been focusing on Klaxxi and Golden Lotus dailies, with a light sprinkling of Domination Offensive and Order of the Cloud Serpent on the side. I dropped Golden Lotus at Revered, and now mostly do Klaxxi, August Celestials and Shado-Pan. I expect to hit Exalted with the Klaxxi tomorrow and might pick up Golden Lotus again. Maybe. I kinda really hate them. They’re the least fun of the bunch. There are so many quests for the Golden Lotus. Too many. Commendations really make it easier though and I am glad they were introduced. The farming work orders in 5.2 will be a great help for people too, though I hope to be done with the rep grinds before they introduce the next ones.

What to do when you actually manage to cap valor on Saturdays and reset is on Wednesday? I found a great new pastime tailor-made for death knights, and it’s soloing old content. I started very very lightly by running old classic instances, and then finished Outland Dungeon Hero. You should have seen my face when I did Heroic Mechanar, and the end boss dropped The Sun Eater. I hadn’t known that they increased the drop rate from its original 1% to now 12%. I am using it as mog for my sword, naturally, though I am considering trying to get Ghoulslicer instead because I really admire the look of that sword for a death knight. Once I completed the instances, I was setting my sight on bigger goals and decided to start soloing Naxxramas because my death knight needs more death-knightly gear. The Wrath raids had the most fitting theme for a DK, so that’s where I headed. As blood DK, there are zero challenges in Naxxramas. I did die twice, but mostly because of my own stupidity. First on Heigan, because I decided to try him as frost and took so much nature damage that I died. As blood he fell over easily. The second death was on Thaddius because I did not make the jump, and then got stuck under the platform. By the time I found a way out, the Tesla coils had done their worst. The two minibosses before Thaddius are kinda the biggest challenge, because they need to die together. Great practice for Freya and Mimiron, hah! Gluth is fairly annoying and takes a long time to die.

Heartened by my success in Naxxramas I decided to try the next raid I had read about as soloable now: Obsidian Sanctum. Sartharion. Plus his three buddies. Unlike Naxxramas, that fight wasn’t easy at all. You need to bring high damage to kill Sartharion before the 2nd drake is active and he goes immune to damage. As frost, I was unable to do it, because the first drake’s Shadow breath attack really ripped me apart when Anti-Magic Shell was on cooldown. As blood, my DPS was a bit on the low side. I finally gave it my all, with strength food buff, as blood spec in DPS gear and managed to kill him when I had very little health left myself. A lucky Rune Tap saved my life. Yay, I am an OP DK! At least I felt really OP though I know people have been soloing this fight at 85 already.

I made it! Acheesement central, huzzah. Felt good!

I made it! Acheesement central, huzzah. Felt good!

Since then, I have also done Malygos (very easy if you don’t screw up in P3), and a lot of Ulduar. Ulduar was probably the most fun though it’s also making me really nostalgic and a bit sad that it’s solo material now. Because I like coming out of fights at nearly full health, I did them as blood in DPS gear again. Flame Leviathan took forever, mostly because it takes forever to clear the concourse to get to him when you’re on your own. I was in a Demolisher and had so much trouble aiming at the stupid copters. I barely missed XT’s hardmode. I tried Assembly hardmode to see if I can get to Algalon on my own, but Fusion Punch really packs a whopping punch. I had no boss addon for WotLK installed, so I missed using CDs for Fusion Punch. Another time. I also missed Hodir’s hardmode barely. Freya was annoying because of having to kill adds at the same time. Finally figured that out for myself. The biggest challenge so far was Mimiron. Mostly because the final phase requires ranged DPS on the head. My diseases alone wouldn’t kill the head, and like an idiot I did not have Death Coil on my bars. Once I added that, diseases and blowing Runic Power on Death Coils for the head allowed me to kill all three parts together. Unfortunately, you cannot solo Thorim unless you use engineering shenanigans that let you pull mobs from the gauntlet to the arena. If you don’t have access to such shenanigans, Thorim uses a one-shot ability on you if there’s no one in the arena or the gauntlet. I hope to convince a friendly guildie to come along for Thorim because I really really really want the T8 shoulders. DK T8 is really my favorite set of all of them. Also, Thorim blocks access to General Vezax and Yogg-Saron. Yogg I imagine is a real challenge.

When I am not doing dailies, raiding, soloing stuff or cooking/fishing/farming, I continue my gold-making efforts. A month ago my wealth was at 10k gold as posted. I currently have about 70k gold. 60k in a month isn’t bad but it’s still very small business. I currently make most of my gold with crafting Contender’s Revenant gear, flipping underpriced items and selling limited supplies recipes. The latter is not that successful anymore because my monopoly has been endangered by someone else coming into that niche market. He’s been dropping prices consistently, so I can no longer sell all recipes for 100 gold. Yet, I still manage to sell a couple a day, so I will stay in that market. I need an alchemist for transmutes, quite badly, but my lone alt is level 13 because I do not actually find the time to play an alt. I don’t know how other people do it. I have pondered faction and server transferring my alliance paladin, who is a transmute spec alchemist but I currently don’t want to pay that much money. Maybe if I get the new job in January. We’ll see.

I want to check out TSW again, now that it’s buy2play, and I am really keen on playing KotOR2 which I bought at a recent Steam sale. Also, I need to try The Walking Dead, I hear it’s phenomenal as a game. I just don’t know when. Currently, WoW has its hooks in me quite badly.

What’s everyone else up to these days? As always, I would love to hear from any of you who still read here. 🙂


  1. Good to hear you are having fun on the DK! My wife put down, er, sidelined her other toons during Cata and has focused mainly on Frost DK ever since. She’s having a blast in MoP and consistently tops DPS. I thought about switching to DK as well since I have one, but due to time restraints and an overall decline in interest, I haven’t even purchased MoP. Mainly I have been leveling alt warriors, which is fun, considering I am in the same boat as far as disliking the general WoW public. The other day we were running a random trying to ding 85, and some PuG tank came in and was just a total jerk. Yeah, he was OP and all but he didn’t even wait for the healer or anything and chain pulled pretty much the whole dungeon at the same time, which of course resulted in most of us dying, while he just laughed and kept on going. F@^^ing jerk. Anyways, that’s my rant about that. I always find myself longing for the old days, and now I just kind of feel like the unique flavor of warriors has diminished over the last expansions. I’ve come to realize that I need to accept the game on new terms if I want to keep enjoying it. Realizing that I will likely always be pretty scrub is a big part of that. So I do what I have the most fun doing, which oddly enough is levelling, random BG’s, and the occasional mog/ach-run when my wife’s guild lets me tag along. I’ve also been leveling a rogue (of all things) which is surprisingly fun! I’m finding it’s very nice to switch it up once in a while. I know that not having MoP kind of makes me a dinosaur, but there’s still quite a bit to do, which is cool. Anyways, have a good one!

    • I hate jerk tanks like that. Unfortunately, they seem to be the norm now. While leveling I have seen plenty of those myself. It’s one of those reasons why I still keep tanking, to be different, to be a polite, friendly tank who actually watches healer mana. Doesn’t always work though, people simply seem to be used to the ‘pull everything at once’ method of 5-mans.

      In order to learn to love WoW again, I had to learn to not long for the old days anymore and find my own niche of fun.

  2. Trying to get my ally pally to 90 while trying to find time to pvp when I can with a fellow co worker in 60brackets. Plus leveling my horde pally past 86 (can’t find the time or patience to do so)

  3. Having lot of fun in MoP as well. My warrior is level 90 (monk is taking a rest!) and gearing up in heroics and LFR. For the very first time in WoW, I bothered to read quest text and listened to NPC chatter and that allowed me to immerses myself in the game even more! I also loved the background music in MoP as well.

    Only thing I don’t like is dailies and how they gate content. Someone who play 1 hour each day, every day for the whole week will be ahead of someone who plays 7 hours but only on the weekend. I belong to the weekend category so I am behind other people. I see where the dev are coming from (they want people to take it easy) unfortunately it does not suit my play style.

    Still, MoP is lot of fun!

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