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[WoW] Starting over is never easy


As I previously posted, I was having a hard time in WoW since MoP launched. Since then, I have taken steps and this time, I got serious! I have started over EU side multiple times. In TBC days I had both accounts side-by-side and actually raided on both sides of the Atlantic. When my EU guild that I wasn’t particularly fond of got pushy about wanting me to heal their 25-man raids three times a week, I made a cut and decided to stick with Kadomi and tanking instead.

A year ago, I quit my US account and picked up my EU holy paladin again, for a short time of euphoria combined with a hard crash of quitting WoW altogether for more than eight months. I went back pre-MoP, and while I got some things done on Kadomi, like killing Deathwing a couple times, it just wasn’t an all around good experience anymore. I don’t think my expectations changed, but friends had gone, and I truly feel that if you’re always playing alone, you’re better off playing other games.

After I blogged about it, I got approached by a couple of people, and then activated the 10 day MoP trial on my EU account, to check things out. I was sure that I did not want to play my alliance paladin. Horde is where the heart is. I also didn’t want to play on a German server. I find the English server a lot more exciting, with a more varied international community, if that makes any sense.

I first tried Darkmoon Faire, one of the RP realms, at the invitation of the GM of The Slayers. It’s a lovely friends&family guild. Small, close-knit, very friendly. Very loosely organized, looking to raid in MoP. I really enjoyed my time with them, they’re really lovely folks. Yet, based on my US experiences, I was looking for something not quite as small as their guild. I was looking for a bustling guild, lots of green text, and lots of guild group activity. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, people were really exceptionally helpful to me.

I was talking to Spinks via realID, and she casually mentioned that she thought her guild would be a good fit for me. So I went ahead, rolled on Argent Dawn, the biggest English speaking RP-realm in Europe, and applied to her guild on a new death knight that I rolled. The rest is history. Everything just WORKS for me. The size and activity levels of the guild. They complete dungeon and scenario guild challenges every week. They do organized LFR together. They have two raid groups. They’re altoholics, and play at all kinds of playstyles, with some very dedicated pet battlers. I like the sense of humor and the guild chat. Above all, I really enjoy the people, and their helpfulness.

I also adore the server. Argent Dawn horde seems full of friendly people, which is something that’s become rare in my US experience. It’s got a bigger population than what I am used to, but it’s not super-massive like horde population on PvP servers. I have witnessed so much RP going on, with some very cool stuff in Orgrimmar, and actually got invited to drinks in a bar. Which I politely declined, but it is kinda nifty. When I leveled mining and was on the thorium stage, I had a lovely conversation with the other guy who was trying to level mining in Un’Goro crater. I would have expected abuse but we had a great conversation about professions and alting. Yesterday I quested in Jade Forest and grouped up with a rogue as we were doing the same quests. For a while I even had a tank who would whisper me non-stop. Which at first was nice but then descended into the awkward territory real fast. The other great thing about Argent Dawn: their auction house. EVERYTHING SELLS. It’s been amazing.

I love the smell of goldmaking in the morning. Two weeks on this server, current balance.

I might share some of my gold making experiences. Maybe. As I am covering a niche market at the moment, I don’t need the competition in it. 😉 After I fell in love with the guild and the server, it pretty much decided for me that I would not get more game time on the US account. It also made me consider that I really didn’t need to continue hoarding gold I would never use anymore. In a somewhat drastic move, I pretty much gave all my gold away to those I was closest to in the guild. It makes me smile that I was able to say a nice farewell with 50k gold per person for those I loved most. Or in case of my friend Ria who is an AH goblin as well, I made her paladin a full set of Contender’s gear so that she can hop into heroics right away. I like giving.

Starting over is intimidating. My alliance paladin had very few achievements. Almost no mounts. The only mount that carried over was the Ramkahen camel. I went from an account with nearly 100 mounts, including stuff like nether drakes, nether rays, talbuks, three different proto drakes, the Rivendare and the Anzu mount to an account with…a camel. That stung! I don’t mind being poor, but it feels like I have nothing to show for my 7 years of playing WoW. I am determined to get it back, so I expect to do a lot of doing old content once my new main is 90. I already started doing Anzu runs again. So far, two runs, no mount. Of course.

The new main. That’s a tough one. I played Kadomi for six years, and on my last day playing her, I tanked an instance and felt in control at all times. The new main is a death knight. I wanted to be 90 quickly, and that’s the fastest option. I also love frost, and I have always been jealous of blood DKs. Now, I no longer know if I should feel jealous. Their survivability is freaking fantastic. I killed my first rare in Pandaria yesterday, and don’t think I lost any health at all. I am looking forward to soloing old raids already. Yet the tanking, I don’t know. I don’t feel in control. Suddenly get adds? All runes on CD? Empower rune weapon on CD? Can’t Blood Tap? Oh crap. I feel I simply have too many moments where I can’t hit anything to get a situation under control. With the way DPS players are these days, I hardly ever get a shot at controlled pulls, and feel things fall apart easily. This might be me being fail. I have a hard time adapting to the new WoW style of tanks not getting to pull. I think that’ll be a post for another day though, because there’s a lot I want to rant about, and maybe learn if I am an old curmudgeon, or if people really suck as much as I think they do.

Tanking as blood DK is entirely intimidating

I naturally had to roll an orc. In fact, she looks exactly like Kadomi though her skin tone is a lot darker. A different kind of dark green. The mohawk is still there. The same face. She could be Kadomi if she had been captured by the scourge and brought back as a death knight. Which incidentally is my character’s back story. She doesn’t remember her name anymore. Yatalai, or Yata, that name will have to do.

So, please welcome the new main. She makes me want to write RP stories about her. She makes me want to blog about WoW again. Anyone want a tank pre-raid gear list? I got it!

Did you know that Samsung has a QA lab in Yately, Hampshire, GB? Yup, a name picked straight from my Samsung Galaxy quick start guide.


  1. Glad you’re having fun again! DK tanking used to be lots of fun in Cataclysm — hopefully it’s still just as fun 😀

    • It’s definitely fun, as long as you can tolerate some of the abuse you get as tank in pugs these days. Which might just be me. Can’t wait to tank heroics in-guild and get away from the insanity of PUGs. 🙂

  2. Found this blog by accident now but I used to read your warrior blog. Tank like a girl I think it was called. I always liked your ui posts since I played a warrior and copied many of your addons and ui layout 🙂

    Why are you playing DK now? Easy to level up or just wanted to try something new?

    I am playing a Monk (brewmaster) right now and I don’t feel I am in total control like I used on my Warrior. Monks require bit more micro management than Warriors I think. It’s kind of nice when you are soloing or in guild groups but can be frustrating in DF etc.

    Its nice to read you are having fun in WoW again 🙂

    • I went with a DK because they have the shortest time to level to 90. Also, maybe a bit of warrior burn out and tank envy of other classes. Blood DKs always seemed tremendously overpowered to me, and they’re kinda insane. Their solo survivability is nuts. Glad to know I am not the only one who feels other tanking classes feel less in control than warriors though. Maybe one day we’ll be as familiar with the other tanks as we used to be with warrior! 🙂

      I still love fiddling with addons and might post about my UI. It’s less custom now, mostly just some tweaks to ElvUI.

      Glad you’re still reading! 🙂

      • I have a level 75 blood DK and they were really OP back in the day when I played them! However I think all tanks feels OP in MoP when soloing or doing normal dungeons. My Warrior, Monk and Paladin tanks can pull like 10 -15 mobs and AOE them down without thinking twice. I have seen druids do the same as well. I have not done any heroic or raids in MoP (too busy levelling 3 toons 90 and fiddling with addons!) so I can’t really comment how the above statement holds in heroics or raids. Have you done raid or heroics with your DK? Do they still feel OP?

        I sometimes find that fiddling with UI is more fun than playing the actual game! My wife just don’t get this aspect of the game. She just uses the standard UI and pretty happy with it!

        I am currently using Mono UI and its pretty good. The best thing about this UI is that, it is very modular and you can completely replace some parts of the UI.

        • My DK is now 89, so I haven’t done heroics nor raids with her yet. MoP dungeons were fine though. I tanked all four normals and find blood DKs really good fun.

          I love the UI bits so much, it’s one of the things that always draw me back in to WoW. I love that you can customize so much. I will have to have a look at MonoUI. I am quite happy with ElvUI, but always like inspiration. 🙂

  3. I’m so glad it’s working out for you. I thought you’d like ARC, but you know how you can never really tell for sure how someone else will fit in with a social circle until they try it themselves?

    We’re happy to have you! (and lucky, I think 🙂 )

  4. I’ve recently just rolled a DK, and although at first I found it intimidating, i’ve come to really enjoy the class. By the way what UI do you use. I like the style

    • It’s ElvUI, with a few additional addons. I use WeakAuras to track auras and cooldowns, and ElvUI Class Monitor to track Bone Shield, runes, rune power and Blood Shield.

      What flavor of DK are you? 🙂

      • My DK is currently Frost and Unholy as I’m more of a PvP player type player. I levelled as blood to eliminate downtime. This may be a shameless punt but i’ve also got a Blog that I recently started

        Would appreciate some feedback on it.

        Thanks 🙂

        • Adding your blog to my rss feeds. There are very few DK blogs out there, so locating them and listing them will be my next project. Will link to yours then. 🙂

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