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Trials and tribulations in Pandaria aka LF guild


As I described in my previous WoW post, MoP is incredibly slick and questing to 90 was fantastic fun. The new instances are fast and well-designed. I like the return of gated content, and don’t mind dailies as such. The Tillers are probably the greatest success and fun new element that MoP introduced, giving me hope that maybe one fine day we’ll see housing. There’s even more than a hint of new content on the PTR, keeping things moving, bringing more lore. Speaking of lore, I highly recommend the unique and fantastic reputation ‘grind’ for the Lorewalkers. Not only do you get a cool mount, but it’s also the best presentation of lore we’ve ever received. It truly made me understand the history of Pandaria. Fascinating.

Now that I have mentioned all the good things about MoP, it probably comes as a surprise that I have to say I am just as unhappy with the state of WoW for me as I was when I last left my US account. I wish it wasn’t so! I quit my US account last October because I was unable to raid with my guild of now six years, and was tired of timezone issues. I played on the EU realms for a mere 3 months. I had a very intense honeymoon period when I joined a German guild on my holy paladin and started raiding with them. The Christmas holidays pretty much blew up the raiding core of the guild, and between guildies doing LFR instead of continuing Firelands progression and SWTOR being released, I gave up. I simply stopped logging in.

It was not until late summer that I felt a longing for WoW again, in particular my character and alter ego Kadomi, and my American friends in my guild Daughters of the Horde. I returned, geared Kadomi some more, killed Deathwing a couple times and was incredibly looking forward to playing MoP with my guild. I was the second 90 in the guild and was pretty much heroics-ready within the first day of hitting 90.

Only that I don’t really run heroics. Sure, I have the Pandaria Dungeon Hero achievement, because I did manage to run all heroics with mostly guildies. Once each. One should expect that at the beginning of an expansion, the excitement and eagerness to gear up and get raid-ready should be a catalyst for organized group play. Yet it’s not. People do their dailies and log off. Or people play their mains on other servers or other faction. Then we have people who are frustrated with current DPS balance and hate the daily grind. I currently play between 10 am and 5:30 pm EST because of my timezone, and in that time, nothing ever happens. The few times I have asked for people to run scenarios (which I think are a fantastic addition) or heroics, all I get is silence. I find myself stuck in a guild that used to be my home, and where I used to lead raids for four years, but it no longer feels like home. I am surrounded by strangers. I am sure many people have had such an experience with guilds, but for me it’s disconcerting to the point of heart-breaking. DotH has had issues for years, and the number one core issue has been around since vanilla. It’s a guild full of alts, with very few people having their actual mains in the guild. Which means there is little to no drive to accomplish things, because people are busy on their main server. It sucks to be a main in a guild full of alts. It just does.

My current play-time is filled with doing dailies, farming mounts and doing professions on my small army of crafters. My biggest passion right now is gold-making. Which is going exceptionally well! I will likely break 250k gold by Thursday. It’s a hollow pleasure though. I am rich in-game, and can’t enjoy it.

Hey, at least one thing worked recently. Took me 62 runs of Heroic Sethekk Halls!

I am leveling a Mistweaver monk on another server, in a friend’s guild, which is also super-quiet during my playtime and on top of that is on a very deserted server.

What to do in such a situation? I went to the guild recruitment forums, because for the first time in many years, I considered finding a new home for Kadomi. The forum isn’t really helping though. 90% of all posts are raiding guilds looking to fill their roster for their night-time raids. There are very few daytime guilds, and their raids all start well before I could actually commit to one. I don’t necessarily need a raiding guild. What I am looking for is a guild that’s active and actually does group content together. Stuff like 5-mans and scenarios. Maybe even some LFR as a group. Where guild chat is lively and people are nice. Where voice chat is optional and not mandatory. And this all during the morning to early afternoon EST. With maybe a weekend 10-man raid as the cherry on top. Oh, and it needs to be horde because the horde is where the heart is.

I should probably cut my losses already.

In the worst case scenario, if things don’t improve for me, I will have to quit my US account again and head back EU side. At least there I won’t have the timezone issue. I would only have the issue of actually finding a group that fits all my requirements from above.

If any reader has another idea for me how to fix my issues, please share. Also, if you are in a guild that fits the bill, I’d be interested in that too. My battle tag is Kadomi#1537.

Kinda blows to come back to blogging with such a whiny post. My apologies!


  1. Tell me, what’s now holding you to US realms given the time zone issues and no Daughters of the Horde? Is there something I’m missing (large friend list maybe)?

    • Nothing really but over 200k gold and an army of alts with high professions. I would have to start from scratch on EU because my only 85 is alliance, and that’s just not my thing.

      • Fair enough. A friend of mine and I are about to kick off a new gig and I’d have given you an open-ended invitation.

        • I actually decided to do the re-rolling anyhow, and will let my sub run out on the US account. So what new gig is that? Aren’t you alliance? You can add my battle tag, it’s Kadomi#2770. 🙂

        • Got that tag and just waiting on you being online. 😛

          The “new gig” is relaunching TIC on Argent Dawn. Truthfully, the first several months of that was really, REALLY good but certain entry-level chickens to do with management eventually came home to roost. Having learned from that, as well as many, many other things, the relaunch was in order.

          And, yes – it’s an open invitation extended your way. :3

  2. Hey Kadomi 🙂

    I’m a main in a this guild of alts too. I did not realize when i joined that DoTH horde-side is mainly an alt guild. (Derp) I’ve enjoyed the times we did actually Heroic together but it never seems organized with regards to time or days any more. (in fact the only organisation i’ve seen was around the late Cata raids), I don’t feel like i’m part of the DoTH hierarchy being pretty new to everyone, and thus I’m not posting on LJ to try to organize say a guild raid on MSV. Although i did post about bg’s, RBG’s and Arena. So I find myself farming honor and moving back into PvP since i feel it’s pointless to keep gearing for raids that don’t seem to be a part of guild plans at the moment. I really enjoy the lack of drama in DoTH but it’s also completely passive…lol….and as you say, literally nothing happens…for hours. So (with great regret) I may also be leaving if i can actually find a guild more in line with my own interests.

    • Zoon, you’re basically the only one who ever came along when I asked in gchat, and I always enjoyed running stuff with you. I have to admit I stopped asking and I stopped running heroics. It wasn’t worth the effort any more. However, I will point the other officers this direction so that they see this comment. Don’t ever be afraid to approach any of them. I’ve been a DotH officer myself for five years, and they are a lovely bunch of people. Maybe a touch too lethargic to run an active guild. It didn’t use to be like this, honestly. I have no idea why there are zero communicated raid plans. I think communication is key, and that’s a problem. I think they might not even be aware of it.

  3. 😀 Indeed DoTH and the officers are a lovely bunch which is why i’m horribly conflicted about looking at other guilds. I’d far rather try to organize even one night a week of dungeons/raids and one night of PvP for curious/interested players. That would be a start! I just noticed someone posting in LJ about running Scenarios, so that’s something also. Be sad to see you go honestly.

    • Definitely go ahead and post sign-ups for instances and such. You’d be surprised. The downside of a guild full of girls is that a lot of them are extremely passive. Get the ball rolling. I still have US gametime til November 19 and am not 100% sure about leaving. If I have time, I’ll come, but that’d probably only be possible on Saturdays.

  4. when i say “night” i actually mean, “a playing time that will suit” lol

  5. Hey Kadomi, Ive been rwading your blog on and off, started reading it when you had the other one, Tank like a Girl it was called i think. It’s a shame DotH isnt being active like you wished it would. I would extend an open invitation to you as well for our guild, which has been around for 7-8 years now (since Vanilla) and is still active and going stronger than ever. But (here comes the but), it IS EU, and it IS Alliance 😛
    Hope you find something that suits your needs 🙂

    • Thanks for the offer! I did actually relocate to the EU now, battle tag Kadomi#2770 and found a happy new horde home on Argent Dawn. I do appreciate the offer a lot, thank you. 🙂

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