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Review: Kushiel’s Chosen


Kushiel's Chosen
Kushiel’s Chosen by Jacqueline Carey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finally getting around to writing this review. Kushiel’s Chosen continues the story of Phèdre, the super-courtesan with the anguissette cape. It’s pretty much set right after the cliffhanger ending of the first book. Phèdre wants to find Melisande Shahrizai, her arch-enemy and greatest passion. The trail leads to La Serenissima aka Venice. I find it interesting how this pseudo-Europe isn’t very pseudo at all and just uses different names and different historical periods. La Serenissima seems all Republic of Venice, with a doge, and lots of intrigue. Even though Phèdre has returned to being a courtesan, the whole porny bits are really downplayed, in favor of the intrigues in La Serenissima. That was more than okay with me.

Kushiel’s Chosen is a lovely continuation of the story begun in the first book, and I find its focus and storytelling vastly improved. If I have one complaint, it is that I could have done without all the Joscelin-angst but it ultimately worked out, I suppose!

If you liked the first book, there’s a good chance you will like the second book even more.

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