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Review: First Shift – Legacy


First Shift - Legacy
First Shift – Legacy by Hugh Howey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In this prequel to the Wool Omnibus, we finally learn about the disaster that caused the creation of the silos. We get two points of view. Donald, a congressman and architect, who gets charged with designing a bunker for a nuclear waste facility in Atlanta. 60 years later, the second point of view is Troy, the leader of silo 1, woken up from cryo-freeze to work his first shift and preserve the legacy. In flashbacks and memories we find out what happened, how the book of order came about, and even get a hint of something going on at silo 18. The end is a whopping cliffhanger, that simply makes me want more more more.

Again, the writing is quite excellent, the characters are interesting, and the atmosphere is full of doom and gloom. If I have a complaint about the story, it’s that I still don’t fully understand what exactly turned the land outside into the wasteland that it is now. I simply know more, but I am just not sure.

People who have read the Wool Omnibus and enjoyed it, simply must buy this prequel and read it. Pricetag’s a bit heftier at 3.79 USD, but it’s definitely worth it.

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