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[WoW] The Prodigal Kadomi returns


I think I have posted before that most MMO bloggers chase that falling star that brings them the next game that is just as good as their first great MMO love. For 90% of the population, this seems to be that they are chasing the next WoW, but there are people who chase their next Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot or even Ultima Online. Me, I have been chasing the next WoW, and pretty much resigned myself to the fact that this is fruitless and will never happen. My hopes were on GW2, but no.

Like most people, the memories of the best game are closely tied to their social group, and nothing ever beat the experience that I had with my friends in Daughters of the Horde in WoW. I quit my US-WoW account in October 2011, bitter and disillusioned with the game and the guild, spurned for raiding. Instead I re-opened my WoW account and had three good months on it. I had a different faction, a different role, a different guild. I got to raid twice a week, geared my holy paladin up fast, got things done. The guild was nice but I have to admit I was shocked at the general level of terrible DPS in the guild. I think the worst was a guild Zul’Aman run where a shadow priest managed to do a whopping 2.5k DPS. Yeah. Of course this made our Firelands raids interesting, to say the least, and Alysrazor was the boss that blocked our progress. Then 4.3 dropped, people stopped signing up for raids because they got much better purple pixels in LFR. In one last attempt, the guild decided to do DS-10 normal, stopping our Firelands attempts, and let me tell you, it was an ugly mess. After that the guild pretty much imploded, right when SWTOR dropped. I can’t even say that I was sad, because there were only a handful people that I talked to on a daily basis, and one of them was an RL friend.

This was my longest WoW break ever, a full eight months. I slowly got the urge again to play last month, and got a Scroll of Resurrection. I played a lowbie rogue for a week, but didn’t have the money to subscribe at the time. Now I got another one, and took the plunge to get a 90 day gamecard. For what’s it worth, I am back on my US account, at least til mid-November.

Returning didn’t feel all that confusing because absolutely NOTHING had changed since I left, unlike for Spinks who has more fascinating stories about her return. That’s a whopper that most die-hard fans of WoW like to shrug off, but I think it bears repeating it. A game without any new content between November 2011 and late August 2012. I think Blizzard did their playerbase a huge disservice and really deserved that subscriber hit that they took. I am glad I wasn’t there the whole last year, because I would be beyond bored now, and pissed about giving them money for being lazy. It’s a negative record for content delivery, Cataclysm. Hopefully, they can move beyond that with MoP.

Aw yeah, look at my T4 lookalike set. Takes me back to Kara days!

The criticism doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the game now, because I actually do. After having played multiple MMOs in the meantime, I can once again fully appreciate the crispness, the lack of any delay and the feedback of WoW combat. It’s simply the best out there. I did find myself missing things like active dodging from games like GW2 and TSW, but WoW combat is great. Also, I now finally understand why people are so hooked on transmogging. It’s quite addictive, looking good. On my first day back I finished Kadomi’s tanking look with a T4-based set, and I am currently working on a T1 based warrior set. Might just looks fantastic on orcs. This meant soloing Molten Core. My heart goes out to all the MC raiders of old. That place has so much trash, it’s ridiculous. Also, yeah, Molten Bore. As none of the Might pieces I need dropped, I am also farming the TBC recolored set in old heroics. Ah, TBC, you still own my heart. My ultimate transmog dream is to get my hands on T6 and the Bulwark of Azzinoth. A girl can dream.

I am a terrible tank. It took me 5 tries to figure out you can charge him mid-air. 😮

Outside of farming for transmog gear, I have also randomly sought out Outland rare mobs for the Bloody Rare achievement, finally got my goblin reputation to Exalted for 45 reputations at Exalted, bought a ton of mounts, and pushed through archaeology 200 to 425 in hopes of getting something interesting out of it in MoP. Also, dailies. Lots of dailies. Need to finish Molten Front and Tol Barad. I could have done all of this ages ago, but the end of expansion rush kinda makes it more exciting.

Managed to snag about four more rares after that. Only a gazillion more to go!

On the guild front, it was kinda a bit lonely because the group I used to run with wasn’t actually around at all, and I didn’t feel like queueing for any instances on my own. I did End Time as DPS, and then yesterday finally managed to get a guild group to run the other two instances with me. I might have my tanking mojo back, it didn’t go so badly, outside from some terrible disconnects on my crappy DSL. But I hope I didn’t embarass myself. Time to learn everything again until I have to re-learn everything next week.

Orcs look mighty fine in Might! Still a crazy mish-mash, but getting there.

I might post some general warrior stuff here for MoP, like first impressions of the new talents, but we’ll see. I don’t intend to revive my old blog, but I still love warriors.

I know that many people are returning to WoW these days, so if you are a returnee, what are your thoughts?


  1. I returned recently to poke around and see if the game continued to hold any interest for me. SWTOR was quite fun for a while but with the F2P model drama and the grindyness of the leveling, my interest there petered out.

    Right now I’m focusing on two classes I never gave much time: my feral druid and resto shaman babies. I’m kind of relieved to be having fun in WoW again. I’m still not sure if Zin will continue to be my main in MoP or if another class will steal my heart.

  2. Well I logged in this past Saturday Night for the first time in a very long time. I had basically quit WoW less than 2 months into Cataclysm. Just maybe took a few months altogether to make it absolute and walked away. Basically I’ve been pretty much gone almost the entire expansion outside of leveling my characters from 80-85.

    So… Loggin in for the first time since was overwhelming. For maybe the first 15 mins I just stared at the screen and the UI wondering was all of the buttons did trying to remember and barely remembering. So I just settled on remembering just what the first 10 abilities and spells on the hot bar did. Yeah I had completely forgotten things. I was never expecting when I left WoW to ever going back so wasn’t quite expecting to have to remember anything. I hearted to Orgrimmar after I remembering that. No one was around in the Guild and none was on in a long time. Within 30 mins of logging on I logged out.

    Sunday night I logged in figured I relearn stuff a bit. Relearned a few things on my Paladin. Went and did a daily or two just to refigure out using abilities in combat and try to get my legs back. Running a dungeon needless to say was the furthest thing from my mind, it would so terrible to do so being a Tank as well barely remembering anything.

  3. I tried different mmos myself. Rift, SWTOR, etc. Didn’t even buy gw2. I knew they wouldn’t replace wow.

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