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Newbie Blogger Iniative: Time flies when you’re having fun


Newbie Blogger InitiativeToday, it’s May 31, so the Newbie Blogger Iniative comes to an end. It’s a wrap! In an example how not to do it, I totally dropped the ball on sending link love to new blogs for the past two weeks. The first week I was off on a day-trip and the following week my computer’s power supply imploded. Consistent posting frequency, I struggle with it. Syp compiled a massive list of all new blogs, and all the advice posts that were published during the NBI, so please, enjoy. Even if the Iniative ends now, you can start blogging any day, any month, any year. If you have the urge, advice is out there. Just do it. Thanks go to Syp for creating the iniative in the first place, and I was glad I got to participate!

All new blogs:

All sponsor advice posts:

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