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New Blogger Iniative: Friday Link Love


Has it been a week already? Time flies! The NBI newbie forum has exploded, and there are so many new blogs out there now. Hardpressed to just pick five, I tell ya. If you want more recommendations, Syp is doing lists of new blogs almost daily, over at Bio Break!

Without further ado, here are my five picks for the week. Head on over, welcome them warmly, and let’s hope for some great blogging content. 🙂

  • SWTOR from Scratch – Skaggy is one of my SWTOR guildmates in the quite lovely guild Crusade on the Nightmare Lands server. The guild includes such notables as Spinks from Welcome to Spinksville and Teppo of the Three MMOsketeers podcast, and they’re currently recruiting! Skaggy’s blog is a very solid guide for new SWTOR players, and he’s been knocking out a lot of posts since he started, including a detailed look at all the companions in the game.
  • White Charr – this blog is focused on Guild Wars 2, and I am sure that we’ll see a lot of those crop up in the near future. What the ArenaNet designers have done wrong with female models of humans and norn, they have done right with the charr. They look like they can deliver a good ass-kicking, and their different legions are interesting. I liked all the character options you have when creating one, and so obviously does the creator of this blog. There’s a lot of very cool charr art and screenshots available here. It’s a Tumblr, so not my cup of tea when it comes to commenting and reading, but I had fun looking at all the art anyhow.
  • Gaming for Introverts – Pamela just started her blog encouraged by all the NBI posts. I’ve engaged in MMO discussions with her on G+ and was delighted to find out she’d start blogging. She has a vast experience in MMOs, certainly more than I ever played, and I definitely recommend her for intelligent posts. Glad she joined us!
  • The Frugal Gamer – Skron is looking at games on a low budget which is fascinating because I really don’t spend enough time checking out F2P games. There might be some hidden gems, and I wouldn’t know, because the only F2P game I ever checked out is LotRO. He also posts about bargain games, single-player RPGs like Legend of Grimrock and the like. Good stuff.
  • Click to Loot – Finally, in anticipation of next week’s release, I bring you this Diablo 3-centered blog. They’ll probably get the theorycrafting and math going right from the start. I am curious to see what kind of content they will come up with. They already have a lot of solid information about the game. Anyone here excited to play it? I really did enjoy the open beta, so I will very likely give it a spin, if maybe not directly at release day.

That’s it for this week, hope you found something on the list you liked. And if not, Shadowspawnd is keeping a complete list of all new blogs over at World’s End Tavern.

Happy weekend!


  1. Thank you for your kind words, very sweet!

  2. Thank you for the Link Love!

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