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Second Pass MUSH


The things I do for my wife. I am pretty sure I mentioned it before, but I originally met my wife on PernMUSH in 1999. That was before I had discovered MMOs and text-based roleplay was where its at. I have mostly moved on since then, but she’s never lost her enjoyment of roleplaying. She went on to open her own MUSH which has been running since the summer of 2010. It’s another Pern-themed game set in the Second Pass, hence the name ‘Second Pass MUSH’.

Now, she’s been asking me to post an ad for her game for quite some time, and I did on Facebook. Now that I have picked up blogging momentum again, she asked me to post it here. I finally agreed, under one condition: I would be allowed to interview her and the other two staff members of the game, to sort out why anyone would still be interested in playing a completely text-based medium in the day and age of MMOs. The interview should be posted by the end of the week, and I am looking quite forward to their answers to my questions. I hope anyone interested in RPGs will enjoy the post as well.

To hold up my part of the deal, I now present to you the official ad of the game. If you have any questions about it already, ask away, and I’ll make Schmitt aka Mrs. Kadomi answer the questions. 🙂

Picture a collaborative combination of a book and an RPG, where you write scenes together with other awesome people and decide your character’s fate over time. Set in Anne McCaffrey’s Pern, a world with crumbling technology and the looming danger of life-eating space organisms, your character must band together with others to save humanity – or die squabbling. With the help of genetically engineered dragons the threat can be overcome, but at the cost of the personal rights of those who ride the dragons.

The dragonriders have been sent away from Xanadu Town, our main area for roleplay and Pern’s last bastion of democracy, for intensive training. They grieve for their careers, family, studies, and freedom, which they’ve had to either transplant or leave behind, and some are plotting ways to return. Dragon eggs have been laid and the recruitment of new possible dragonriders is underway – if offering starving refugees food and board in return for the equivalent of military service can be termed recruitment.

Have a look at our website, for more information, or log in to the game with telnet port 1234 (or check us out by logging in over a web-based client first: ). Just let us know you’re new to MUSHing or to Pern by typing ‘g Help! I’m new to this!’ and staff and players who are online will be happy to help.


  1. They sound very sensible. I have this vague memory of Pern MU* having some weird customs that had nothing to do with the setting (like how they used to desc eggs, or somesuch) that puzzled me a lot.

    It was some random guy on PernMUSH who taught me how to create a pet cat that would follow me around though! (After that I shifted to WoD MU* for RP but came back for occasional OOC coding lessons.)

    • I had a private MUSH just to mess around with stuff for a while too. I had a coded cat that would wander around and leave poo in random rooms *cough*

    • Pern games as a sad rule of thumb are usually full of OOC politics, usually revolving around the prestigious concept of impressing a dragon. Most games handle this via an IC and OOC search where you have to fill out an application form why you would be a good dragonrider, then go through an IC candidacy phase and then maybe impress. Which is why I would never play a game again where you have to jump through hoops to become an ‘it-person’.

      My coding abilities were minimal, but Schmitt is very proficient and does it for fun. My favorite code of hers is the snail racing track. On FiranMUX where we both used to staff, she created systems for character hair and horse code.

      But not to derail this, none of the typically weird Pern customs exist on Second Pass. Once or twice a week I try to RP my lone character, playing a police detective. I could use a boss, so someone better get interested!

      • We could also use some more crims for you guys to bust, not that we couldn’t just NPC them.

        Pern game politics were really dumb for a really long time, and have a really bad habit of skewing the theme. I had thought that the Pern MU* genre had mostly gotten over it, but I just heard the most embarrassing rumor of all time. So… yeah. We remain a light of sanity in a dark world.

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