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New Blogger Initiative: New blogs around the block


During this month of New Blogger Initiative, I am going to try a weekly thing: a top 5 list of blogs that have joined as newbies during the NBI that I think look pretty awesome and could use more readers. We all have to start somewhere, so link love is always welcome. Especially genuine, dofollow link-love that will count SEO-wise. I am not a huge fan of SEO but when I was still doing the WoW blogging and had quite the readership, it was because I got most of my hits via Google.

On Fridays I am going to point you at blogs that have been submitted as new blogs to the NBI, to share the love. Go visit some blogs, and leave a comment to welcome them. That’s the biggest confidence boost you can get as new blogger, knowing that there are people who actually read your stuff.

  • MMO Compendium by Feliz. He’s German, like I am, and his blog has already been around since December. Very slick looks, and a diverse look at MMOs, from WoW, to the GW2 beta to SWTOR to Vanguard.
  • TL-DR – where science meets gaming. Run by two scientist, they have a unique approach to gaming, and their blog posts reflect that. Racism in gaming, e.g. Is Mists of Pandaria inherently racist? What are the implications of people RPing domestic violence in Goldshire? Intriguing.
  • Neurotic Girl by Maruka – the first blog on this list that’s really brand-spanking new. It grabbed my attention when she mentioned she has social anxiety, and wants to use blogging as a way to connect with people. Blogging can be very satisfying that way. Also, I know quite a few former guildies who also used WoW to help with their social anxiety. I hope Maruka will meet lots of cool and supportive folks while blogging!
  • My Staff is Bigger than Yours by Kavorkian – Another brandnew blog, with a focus on Guild Wars 2. I think we’ll see a lot of GW2 centric blogs coming up, and the systems of the game are so extensive that I think they’ll be doing well. He could work on capitalizing his ‘I’s a bit more often, but English is not his native language, so I am cutting him some slack. 😉
  • Bloodthorne by TJ Edgar – another MMO blog that looks great and has the potential to be really entertaining. His featured image of all the choose-your-own adventure books makes me want to replay all the Lone Wolf books. Aaaah. He has an interesting plan what he wants to do for MMO testing, I think Syp does something similar.

And that’s it for this week. I’ll post more in a week. If you are eager to check out more fresh MMO blogs, have a look at the Newbie Bloggers Check-In where new bloggers present their blogs.

I’ll be posting my first advice column on Monday, and my topic will be for folks looking to self-host WordPress: my favorite WordPress plugins.


  1. Whoop, whoop. Link love !
    Thanks for the shoutout.
    My diverse look comes from the fact that I’ve been around the block a few times. I started playing MMOs in the form of Everquest 12 years ago, shortly before I moved to the US. From there, just go through the list of released games. Chances are I’ve played them.

    And #nbimmo is just great.

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  3. Thanks for the mention! Jacob and I appreciate it. This is a great blog. 🙂 –Diane, co-editor,

  4. I appreciate new blogger linklove posts and try doing them regularly on my own blog; reminds me the last one has been a while.
    I had no idea Feliz was also German hah – more bloggers out of the heart of Europe ftw! 😉

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