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Review: Wool 4: The Unraveling


Wool 4: The Unraveling
Wool 4: The Unraveling by Hugh Howey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s getting harder to not spoil the story in my summaries, so please bear with me. Wool 4 does exactly as the subtitle suggests. It shows how the situation in silo 18 is unraveling. An uprising begins, displaying the easy capability of people to manufacture weapons.

With every story, the narrative has gotten more complex. In Wool 1, you had the very tight narrative of Holston. Wool 2 had the mayor and the deputy. Wool 4 handles several distinctly different PoVs and ends each that you’re waiting with held breath for the story to switch back to them.

Wool 1-4 are about 60% of the Omnibus edition, so Wool 5 will be fairly massive, compared to how short the other stories were.

Still definitely recommending it and looking forward to the finale.

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