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Review: Wool 3: Casting Off


Wool 3: Casting Off
Wool 3: Casting Off by Hugh Howey
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another fast read, though every sequel is longer than the previous bit. Wool 2 was about the journey to appoint a new sheriff, Jules or rather Juliette as she’s mostly called in Wool 3. It’s all from her perspective, her first days as sheriff, a task she never ‘shadowed’ aka apprenticed for. Because of events in Wool 2, she receives no guidance, only antagonism, personified by the head of IT, Bernard.

Juliette wants to find out what motivated the previous sheriff to volunteer for cleaning, the ritual punishment that has people sent out into the toxic world to clean the grime off the silo cameras using wool pads. The reader already knows bits and pieces from the previous two books, but Juliette seems to figure out the bigger picture.

As I almost expect at this point, the ending had yet another twist I certainly didn’t expect. This novelette has the biggest cliffhanger, compared to the other two. Like the other two stories, it contained memorable characters, and an interesting world. I think there might be another uprising in the silo, but I’ll just have to wait and see.

Still highly recommended, and if the conclusion in Wool 5 is as good as the rest, I might have to give the whole thing 5 stars.

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