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Day 7 – The reason behind my blog’s name


When I started blogging, I thought about my options for a while. I wanted to go self-hosted, simply because I felt I would have more flexibility with whatever blogging software I would use. So I started thinking about domain names. I wanted to dedicate the blog to prot warrior tanking, and I wanted that reflected in the name. I mentioned it to one of my guildies, and she jokingly suggested that I tank like a girl. It’s a play on ‘you fight like a girl’ and I thought it was funny and witty. And thus, the name was born.

Later on, I regretted my choice of name. The tanking reference really shoehorned me into the tanking world, even when my interest shifted to healing. I had a specific audience and never felt comfortable to write much about my healing endeavors as raiding resto shaman, and later holy paladin.

I also butted heads with some bloggers who felt that putting the focus on being a girl or grrrrrl or chick or whatever was undignified and uncalled for. I don’t know, maybe it was, but I never actually wrote about being a female tank. I am a feminist, but that was never the point of my writing. I wrote about tanking in general. When I came up with the name, I wanted it to be amusing, but I also wanted to break the stereotype that girls will only play healers. I think women are more comfortable in support roles, but I wanted to demonstrate that female tanks existed. It’s kinda painful to see my former guild Daughters of the Horde struggle so much with raiding content in Cataclysm because they have few tanks. There’s definitely a lack of tanks in that guild, and so I can draw the conclusion that girls do indeed not enjoy tanking as much as the other two roles in the trinity. But those who do enjoy tanking are some of the best players I know.

When it came to naming this blog, I decided I would continue on my current domain and set the new blog up as a subdomain install. Btw, once you set it up, multisite subdomain installs of WordPress are amazing! Setting up a new blog in under a minute is amazing! Ahem. Live like a Nerd was to be a play on Tank Like a Girl, because it’s a blog more about me as a person with all my geeky pursuits. I fully qualify as a nerd based on this comparison chart of nerds vs geeks, it’s my license plate, and I am proud to be a nerd. This blog is more about that than my tanking blog was ever about being a girl.

And that’s my story about the blog names.


  1. Nice read. I appreciate not wanting to force yourself into a corner with the blog title, but I certainly appreciate any tanking tips you might have written on. I desperately want to tank, and yet completely lack the confidence, since any hint of failure frequently results in finger-pointing in the tank’s direction, particularly with the way instances are run these days. Happy to have found your blogs. 🙂

  2. Hi Kadomi,
    Your tanking tips were very helpful. Your tips on dk blood rotation when I asked how to dk tank helped me break out of my dps shell. Still haven’t talked a raid (intimated of screwing up lol) but I was pwning MoP heroics like they were nothing. Thx again and keep up the good writing.

    • Did I ever really write about DK tanking? I sometimes still tank on my DK, but not very often. If I helped you, that makes me quite happy. DK tanking is fantastic. You should still be pwning WoD heroics as well, as blood feels even stronger now. 🙂

      • No actually. I tweeted you and you responded back 🙂 but it helped a lot and I enjoy your blogs. I’m still leveling my dk currently. I concentrated on my pally first lol

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