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Day 6 – My workplace

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Today’s topic is a bit of a weird one, but I guess there might be bloggers out there with incredibly cool workplaces. You’re in for a disappointment, my workplace is pretty boring. Without further ado, my desk!

Told you so, nothing to write home about! I work as a web admin and mostly tweak and fix many many WordPress blogs, test plugins, or set up new blogs. As I have a lot of downtime, I try to educate myself with more CSS knowledge, and try to read up on HTML 5 and CSS 3. My beverages of choice as witnessed on the right are instant chocolate cappucino and Apfelschorle, which is apple juice mixed with mineral water. I also like to read on my Kindle at work, so that’s there, plus my fairly ghetto cell phone. I also have a big ass candle next to my monitor, and I haven’t got the slightest clue where it comes from. I never put it there. It’s rather puzzling. Oh, and of course there’s my Sennheiser ear buds, because I wouldn’t be able to survive at work without music. My highlight of the day was that Spotify came to Germany, which makes me go squee, seriously.

My 6 months trial period in the company is over in April, and once that’s done with, I will bring a photo of my wife and the kitties, and something nerdy as well. What do you think I should have there? Give me ideas for nerdy desk decorations, folks. My old Coke truck won’t work anymore, now that I broke the soda habit (for the most part).

In order to make this post more exciting, my co-worker Marion downloaded an Android app and took another picture of my desk, this time with chubby me actually at work there. Yes, we can!

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  1. Best thing for desks at work is not being there, if you cant do that then a hangover is next best

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