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Day 4 – My best MMO memory


This is going to be another WoW-centric post, because when you play WoW like I did, as single game focus for 5+ years, you will inevitably end up with the best memories in that game. I am still in the process of forging new best memories in other games.

It’s very difficult to pinpoint any one particular occurrence as the best memory. I have several favorites, and I can’t pick which ones the best. So in my usual rambling style, I’ll share my top 3 moments.

The first highlight of my WoW life was in 2006, when my SO and I completed the dreadsteed quest chain for warlocks. In vanilla, my SO and I played warlocks. Quatsch and Tratsch. That’s German and liberally translates to Bullshit/Rubbish and Gossip. It’s what you do over here for your afternoon coffee. I was Tratsch, the gossipy one. The two of us had joined Daughters of the Horde in April 2006, after drifting around aimlessly for a while. Up to that point I have never been in a guild that I could call home. I was either in trade chat guilds that randomly picked me up, and then in late 2005 when I opened my US account I joined a guild of US friends who a few months in decided they’d rather PvP and unceremoniously switched servers. We didn’t want to PvP, so there we were, drifting aimlessly around. Until we found DotH, the guild that was my home from 2006 until October 2011.

The epic warlock mount quest was a chain where we had the full support of our guildies at all steps of it. It required a lot of farming and gold, and trust me, in vanilla you didn’t have as much gold as people are touting about today. Guildies farmed the black dragonscales and dark iron ore for us and helped us with the arcanite. I spent a million years it felt like, to farm the ghost mushrooms in the Hinterlands, to make enough Elixir of Shadow Power for us. Guildies took us to the alchemy lab in Scholomance as part of our weekly dungeon group. Yup, we only had time to run dungeons once a week, but when we did it, it kicked ass. Our warlock friend Tryna and two other guildies then took us to Dire Maul West. Tryna already had the expensive items that you needed to summon your future mount, and if you knew someone who had them, they could come along and help. Which is what she did. It was an epic event in Dire Maul West, and a fantastic quest chain, and it was the first huge accomplishment we achieved in WoW, back before acheesement points and all that jazz. I remember posing around for screenshots for hours later. So, thanks Tryna, Nagna and Zade, for providing one of the best MMO memories of mine. Great times.

Other favorite memories mostly revolve around raiding achievements with DotH. I was raid leader from 2007 til May 2011. In 2008 I decided I really really wanted to receive the Champion of the Naaru title, even though I didn’t raid 25-mans. I remember the shaking hands and racing heart after the 45 minute run of heroic Shattered Halls. Seriously, as prot warrior that instance was HARD. But we made it, and completed the other steps of the quest chain as well. In a joint effort of the Straw Hat Pirates and DotH we killed Gruul and Magtheridon, and I got my shiny title. That was pretty awesome. It is to this day my favorite title. Our guild friendship unfortunately fell apart in WotLK when a bunch of former DotH members joined their guild. Still, I salute the Straw Hat Pirates in any case, I really appreciated their help.

In WotLK we managed to clear all normal 10-man content before Cataclysm dropped, and a couple of Ulduar and ICC hardmodes. Yogg-Saron and The Lich King were major stumbling stones for us, we spent a long time on both bosses, multiple weeks, and finally getting them was fantastic. Especially in Ulduar, I had so much fun, the bosses in there were quite excellent, a quality I felt was never achieved again in other raids. Yogg-Saron’s firstkill is a bittersweet memory, because that’s when my SO decided she was done with WoW. It was the last raid we ever had together.

All my greatest memories are connected to Daughters of the Horde, and the fantastic girls in that guild. I am still friends with a few of them, but not as many as I would like, which is a shame. They have shaped the way I am looking at MMOs and guilds today. I am not sure I will ever find another guild that will be so much a home as they were. But I will keep on trying.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I remember doing the dreadsteed quest back in May 2005, and simply having an epic mount was a major accomplishment back then. Our group wiped at the end of the event, but the steed was already summoned, and I remember being in a total panic about having to do the whole thing over again, while we ran corpse-ran back to hand in the quest. Then I spent a couple hours just riding around and showing off the mount. Good times.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I think we had a wipe at the end as well, we barely made it. I have so many screenshots of us posing for hours as well. It felt like a huge accomplishment. Like the druid epic flight quest in TBC as well. I can’t recall anything comparable in Cataclysm where even legendaries seem to have become quite common.

  2. You had me at “Shattered Halls”. 🙂

    • H Shattered Halls should be considered a mark of excellency for prot warrior tanks. 🙂

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