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The 20 Days Blogging Challenge


Ever since I switched to this blog last year, I seem to be perpetually struggling to actually keep blogging. That’s not because I feel I have nothing to say. I keep blabbing on and on about things elsewhere, in comments on blogs, on G+ or on Twitter. I just never seem to get into a posting habit anymore, no matter how many times I try to break this pattern.

When I saw Rowan post about the 20 Days Blogging challenge that he adapted over from Saga’s WoW challenge. I am not a WoW blogger anymore, but I am sure I will be able to tweak the questions for me somehow, even now I stopped playing WoW again. I might even talk about why I quit again.

So here’s what I will be going to blog about, to get back into the habit:

Day 01 – Introduce yourself
Day 02 – Why I decided to start a blog
Day 03 – My first day playing an MMO
Day 04 – My best MMO memory
Day 05 – Favourite item(s) in game
Day 06 – Your workplace/desk (photo and/or description)
Day 07 – The reason behind my blog’s name
Day 08 – 10 things you don’t know about me
Day 09 – My first blog post
Day 10 – Blog/Website favourites
Day 11 – Bad habits and flaws
Day 12 – A usual day in my life/online time
Day 13 – People (players/bloggers) that I admire
Day 14 – This upsets me
Day 15 – My desktop background (on my computer) and why I chose it
Day 16 – Things I miss (post Cataclysm)
Day 17 – My favourite spot in an MMO
Day 18 – My favourite outfit
Day 19 – On hoarding
Day 20 – If this was your last day playing an MMO, what would I do?

So yeah, that’s my adaptation, and I will start today. My thanks go to Saga for the original idea and Rowan for posting it so that I saw it. I no longer read a lot of WoW blogs, though I still read some, so I missed this meme. Let’s see if I still have it in me to write.

The first post of the challenge will be published later today. Wish me luck! (If there are actually any people left who read this blog)


  1. Oh, that’s a neat idea! I need something to get myself back into blogging.

  2. I still read. 🙂

    And I will also copy this idea, I think; would be a good idea to get into the habit of writing less “heavy” stuff, part of your original charm (and, grudgingly, why I like bloggers like Ratshag).

    • Oh, but heavy stuff is good too. Someone needs to be out there and write it. Someone who’s not me! 🙂

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