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Why I am currently having fun in WoW


Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? This blog started with high aspirations, but then it all fell apart. 2011 has been a rough year for me on a personal level. My mother died, I lost the job I had for eight years, and other little, random tidbits. I started hating WoW and quit blogging in that other blog you might have heard about. At the time I stopped posting here, I quit WoW completely, and spent all my free time writing Dragon Age 2 fanfic. Some of them were posted here even. It did consume me for a while. Then I got run over by the Steam summer sales and had my next obsession, the Assassin’s Creed games. Then summer was over, I had some free time, picked WoW up again, and made some drastic decisions.

I realized I still wanted to play an MMO and raid. I always enjoyed raids. But I couldn’t do it on Kadomi anymore, for various reasons I will go into later. In TBC I had run both a US and EU account, and raided on little dwarf paladin. Just a bit of Karazhan and some 25-mans that made me run for the hills, pretty much. I was teetering on the brink of being too hardcore back then, and decided focusing on my US account was safer. Over the years I always regretted the decision to go to the US-servers. Nine hours of time difference are a huge obstacle if you want to achieve anything in the game that goes beyond dailies. From one day to the next, I quit Kadomi. Quit my shaman. Resubbed to EU. My US account is now inactive. I am back on Forscherliga, my old, trusty, German RP realm.

I wanted to tell you why I am currently having fun, didn’t I? Here we go:

1. I am playing a new class at 85, with a playstyle that I find actually compelling. I last played this paladin in TBC, and I remember that I was mostly a buffbot and Flash of Light spammer. Now the healing style is very different. Lots of instants, lots of cooldowns to use, procs to watch for. I feel very engaged when healing on her. I like being engaged. It’s what made me dig warrior tanking and snooze over paladin tanking, e.g.

2. I really enjoy my guild. It was a bit of an adjustment. After 5 years of DotH, I hadn’t really seriously been in any other guild. I joined the guild that my RL friends are in. It was advertized as a bit of older crowd that raids casually, and that’s what I am looking for. Now, ultimately they don’t raid that rarely, they’re just more fun- than progress-oriented. In the beginning I struggled a bit with them being so much on Teamspeak, but that’s actually not a bad thing. I must have the DotH thing in my brain still that you do not use voice chat. Well, I do now.

The guild runs a so-called learner’s group, because they have a bunch of people who are not that experienced yet or are looking to have their hand held a bit. The group is run by a very friendly lady who sounds like she’s from Austria, and she really teaches basics. What’s a focus target, what’s a line of sight pull, everything that us old hands already know, and newer players never learn anymore while leveling. My paladin is still a bit scrubby, so I joined them for my very first Zul Aman run yesterday. It was a lot of fun! Every boss was patiently explained, the newish tank got a lot of suggestions, and it was the best 5-man experience I had in years. It did help that ZA is still a challenge at my gear level. I had reached the ilevel requirement for the Zuls like 30 minutes before the run.

The only thing that made me sad was to see my beloved ZA as a 5-man, nerfed in so many respects. Those were some really cool 10-man boss fights back then. I will always fondly remember Hex Lord as one of my favorite encounters.

I totally endorse such learning groups. They also raid BWD and BoT with this learner group. I really think that’s a very cool idea. It’s the opposite of elitist douchenozzling that seems so common in WoW.

3. I don’t know if I got lucky, but so far the German PUGs have been a lot nicer than the US PUGs I ran. Everyone always says hi and bye, and sometimes you will be lucky and people are chatty. People say thanks if a run goes well! Sure, you meet the occasional twat, but that’s really uncommon. One run, we wiped our way through the last part of the Deadmines, and no one minded. No one dropped. I don’t know, it definitely feels different.

4. I actually feel appreciated. That part is a bit embarrassing, because this is me enjoying Internet flattery. One of the reasons I didn’t enjoy my return to DotH after my 5 month break was that I felt incredibly superfluous. My times didn’t match up with my closest friends in guild at all. I didn’t want to pug on Kadomi. DotH’s new raid times didn’t really work for me. I love having my weekends free now, but I was willing to commit to Saturdays at least, to keep raiding. Well, what can I say, I cleared a Saturday, and got benched in favor of a tank who hadn’t even signed up for the raid in the first place. Who is a dear friend, so I felt bad about being upset, but I was. And that was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In my new guild, people keep dumping epic gear on me. BoE JP boots? Check. BoE VP bracers? Another present, check. Gems, enchants, you name it. The raid leader was in the learning group and eagerly wanted to know if I want to do Firelands with them soon. Yes. Yes, I do. It’s a stupid sentiment to have but I enjoy being wanted, and I enjoy not living in my own WoW bubble anymore. 15-20 people on at all times when I am on. People everywhere. It’s insane. I love it. I didn’t know how crippling the timezone difference was.

And that’s my novel why I really enjoy WoW at the moment. I realize this torrid love affair I currently have will not last forever. After all, it’s a rebound relationship. We broke up before, and we will again. What’s hot and exciting now will be dull in a few months. Maybe only weeks. SWTOR and GW2 look mighty fine as well, and I am polygamerous. I am going to pre-order SWTOR, and I think I might end up with Supercool Cantina. Those guys are hilarious on Twitter, and Pewter‘s going to join them as well. Might as well have the coolest European WoW players all in one SWTOR guild, right?

Wall of text crits you for 20 MEGA DAMAGE. Btw, I support item squish over MEGA DAMAGE.

Will I be regularly blogging about WoW now? I don’t think so. I still mourn Kadomi, and I feel I have betrayed my beloved horde playing alliance now.

Will I be regularly blogging again in general? Heck yeah! Strict schedule. Posting 3 times a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. I have lots of ideas. I am still a nerd. I have done nerdy things. I just haven’t shared them outside of Google+.

P.S.: I love Google+. I now have a Google+ page. Circle me! I don’t know why so many WoW tweeps don’t dig it. I do.


  1. Welcome to the bright and shiny world of paladins! You are now authorized to /hairflip. I suggest you try it a few time, it might grow on you. I’ve never been big on healing. I love my healers, I just find their job boring. But in terms of general paladin advice, never forget about your utility spells, Hand of Freedom, Hand of Protection, Hand of Salvation, Aura Mastery, they’re all cheap instant casts, and in some cases, they might save an errant DPS, or even yourself, from more damage during their span than you could heal back up.


  2. Maybe you could link to your G+ profile, this would make it easier to find you.

    • I added a link to the post, and there’s a G+ button along with RSS, E-mail and Twitter icon. 🙂

  3. “Might as well have the coolest European WoW players all in one SWTOR guild, right?”


  4. Glad that you’re posting again. Welcome back to the game 😀

  5. I rejoined the game after a 5 month hiatus. I’m having fun so far but we’ll see. I want to work on my Draenai healer since healing still feels fresh and fun for me. ^_^

    I was sad to see you weren’t active in the guild any more but I’m very glad you’ve been able to find your niche in the game again! <3

  6. Good to read such nice news from you!
    It’s so important to find a good guild where you feel welcome, & i’m glad you had some luck with it. These days, the guild fully determines your WoW experience.
    Good luck raiding on your pally, she looks awesome, what’s her name? Healadin is always a good choice if you like playing warrior & same time you enjoy healing. Paladin is a healer with warrior heart!

    P.S. so many people decided to quit WoW this year. Now they’re coming back! :)) whee

  7. Good to see you back, Kadomi, but I just wanted to say that I was very sorry to hear about your bad luck with work and your bereavement. I’ll share with you the same sentiment I shared with the congregation at my grandfather’s funeral; don’t mourn his [her] passing, just let your memory help you to celebrate his [her] life. 🙂

    As for Warcraft, you may well have come across the hubbub of activity that followed my “I quit” rant. I don’t grudge those who still enjoy their time in Azeroth at all and, I’ll confess, I’m just glad to see one of my favourite bloggers out and about again (so to speak). I suspect like you, however, I want the game to be The Burning Crusade again… And it’s never going to be.

    I can relate to picking up something new in endgame and feeling that spark again, though. I specced as Arms for a couple of raids and had a blast, especially as I was perfectly competitive. Then, of course, my nature got the better of me – I realised I was in a 25 man progression guild and that there was no way I should have been competitive in crappy offspec gear with a PvP axe (beating a 388 geared Fury warrior with two heroic axes). /Sigh. I became the elitist I always wanted to avoid being.

    Regardless, I hope your Holy paladin adventures inspire you for a while. It sounds like you’re in a great guild with wonderful peeps and, as a poster above said, that’s all that matters. I’m moving on to SW:TOR due to me believing it’s going to be a better game, but also because I’m getting the chance to play with RL friends who come from backgrounds as diverse as WoW, AoC, WAoR, EVE, Rift, Aion and even Runescape.

    I’ll keep following you here, my good lady. I’ll probably have a Sith Juggernaut blog up and running in a month or so, where I’ll take another attempt at being as warm, cheerful and engaging a writer as you are. :3

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