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Life’s still vaguely busy, having to balance work with a social life. Wtf, I say! Instead of nerdery I shall have to give you guys a couple fun links instead.

Friends who blog:

Two of my WoW guildies recently started blogs of their own, celebrating our girlish geekness. Both are fantastic friends, who will now be fantastic bloggers.

  • Caiters is posting over at She easily beats me on the nerd scale by being a web designer, who plays a shitton of video games, board games and reads books at a rapid rate. Her husband is also a geek. I know she’s working on a super-huge ass post about co-op video games, so please check her out!
  • Jen is another web developer person by day, and nerd by (day and) night. She recently picked up blogging again. In ‘Sailing the Widest Sea‘ she blogs about what kind of fantasy books she really enjoys (as a shocker, it’s not the GRRM kind) and why Portal 2 is amazing. Goddammit, bring on the Portal 2 sales, I want to play it too!

Book goodness:

  • I mentioned the jailbreaking guide for custom screensavers for the Kindle before. Here are some shinies to use as screensavers: all House symbols of the big noble families in Game of Thrones. I pick the Direwolf, just so you know. If that doesn’t float your boat, check this amazing Tumblr for even more options.
  • Ever have issues finding a book that’s similar to something you loved? YourNextRead might be the solution. You can type in what you are currently reading, and it will come up with a bunch of suggestions that you can then save or downrank, and it learns as you go. As bonus, as Goodreads user you can import all your bookshelves. Interesting! Btw, if you are currently reading A Storm of Swords, it recommends A Feast for Crows. Duh! It does the usual social bit, so you can also login with either your Twitter or your Facebook account.
  • Patrick from Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is posting a fun poll for GRRM fans. Who do you think will be the ultimate survivor, last man (or woman) standing in A Song of Ice and Fire? My vote was Jon Snow.

I realize I don’t write a lot about gaming right now, because I am not super passionate about any games atm. Well, DA2, but that doesn’t count at this point. I need something to tide me over until Mass Effect 3 gets here. I want to play Portal 2 co-op with my SO, but at current pricing, and as PC only gamers, that’s not happening. I will probably buy Magicka. Minecraft bores me, I am not the creative type. What else is out there that you guys really think I should play?

Oh, last and definitely least, I am still obsessing over fanfic, so please enjoy my latest and longest Merrill&Hawke fanfic: Safe with Me.


  1. I’m busy crushing on most of the cast of Thor. I have Loki as my desktop background (hopefully this will be inspirational for exam revision). My partner doesn’t really get why I’ve made us go to see it twice, but he likes superhero films so isn’t bothered.

    • Isn’t Natalie Portman in it? I could crush on her. I haven’t seen a really good superhero movie in ages, maybe it’s time to drag Mrs. Kadomi to the movies!

  2. Is the poll at all spoiler-y for someone who hasn’t read past the first book? I don’t want to click and vote if it is XD

    YourNextRead sounds awesome and I’ll definitely try it. And thank you so much for the link love! XD

    • Hm, well, spoiler in so far as you will be able to tell who’s currently still alive, and people you don’t see on the list might be dead. Better to check out when you’re all caught up. 🙂

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