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Book clubbing it


Are book clubs an American thing? They might be, I am not sure. It’s taken yours truly til 2011 to actually join one. I can’t recall anything of the kind in German. I like the idea however. Reading as such is a pleasure, but reading something new and discussing it afterwards, that’s something else entirely. My only issue is, how do I actually keep up with all the books? If I believe wikipedia, those clubs have been around forever and ever, so I am just very late to this, as a German.

I am currently aiming to participate in two book clubs.

Bookclub 1 is run by my two friends Lashe and Caiters. They are running their bookclub as LJ community. I don’t know if this is common in book clubs, but every month a vote is held for genre, and then a main title and a bonus book are picked. Last month’s main book was A Game of Thrones, e.g.

May will see us read mystery/thriller, starting with Rebecca as main title. As Hitchcock fan, I read Rebecca many many years ago, but I hardly remember anything. Which is just as well. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun.

The second bookclub I aim to participate in is more specific in nature. I like the idea of it very much:

All the books there sound very fresh to me, with the exception of Mercedes Lackey (who I really don’t have much love for at all), I haven’t read any of those books. I might have to skip Firebird, because I thought it was pretty awful.

I joined the Goodreads SFF bookclub, but I seriously couldn’t keep up with the discussion volume. A problem for me is simply to keep up, because I am also in the middle of re-reading all books of A Song of Ice and Fire.

So little time, so much reading to you. Now educate me about all the different book clubs you guys have been in since the dawn of time. Because I am -that- slow.


  1. Those sound great. I was in a LJ based book club for awhile and it was pretty cool — we read Rebecca, Slaughterhouse 5, Kindred (this is a really good candidate for your women of fantasy series btw, it’s about a black woman in the 1970s who gets transported back in time to 1815, where she is a slave) and some others I don’t remember, before they started picking books I wasn’t interested in and I kind of lost track.

    • You should totally join the LJ book club that my friends run, Spinks. Membership is open to anyone, and you can always skip months where you don’t enjoy the genre, e.g. Many many gaming ladies in that club, a lot of the girls from my WoW guilds. 🙂

  2. I’m in the same boat as you really. I joined a bunch on Goodreads, but reading the same book as everybody else doesn’t always suit me because I go through different moods and cravings and would prefer to choose myself if I’d like to read something. Plus, I struggle to keep up with a lot of the discussions. People might have already stated my thoughts, and then I state my thoughts, and I get no response, which makes it feel pointless discussing when they won’t let you be a part of the discussion and blabla. I like the Tweaders bookclub, I believe MMOGC set it up and though we don’t really tend to be a book club, necessarily, it is nice to discuss with people who actually respond to you and add their own thoughts. I’d love to join a local book club but finding people who are in one, or who would read the kinds of books I like to read.. doubt that will happen in the English James Patterson adoring countryside.

  3. I’ve always liked the idea of joining a bookclub. I love reading, but it can add so much extra fun to be able to discuss books with others. Apart from finding a book club that likes similar types of books as me, I would struggle to find the time to fit something in evening-wise. An online book club is genious – I cannot believe I never thought of looking for one!

    Thanks for the tip, I have now created an LJ account and joined the bookclub you recommended. Won’t be able to join in this month as I’m away for much of it, but looking forward to June already. 🙂

  4. I’m really enjoying the book club on LJ. I never really have anyone except Dev and some online friends to talk about the books I read. I probably read about 3 times as many books as he does, and in all different genres. I may not like all the bookclub selections, but it’s getting me to read outside of my sci-fi/fantasy zone a lot more which is fun.

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