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Fanfic, ahoy


I had a lot of plans since last week. I wanted to finish watching season 1 of Doctor Who. I wanted to finish reading A Clash of Kings. I wanted to play Rift. I wanted to try healing a heroic on my shaman. I wanted to watch the first episode of A Game of Thrones. I wanted to actually recap the show. I wanted to work on my second playthrough in Dragon Age with my sarcastic rogue having a friendship romance with Merrill.

Have I done any of that? Nope.

I started a fanfic account of the Merrill rivalmance, and each chapter grew longer and longer. I spent a 10 hour day reading nothing but lyrics to find songs to set the mood. I drabbled. I spent inordinate amounts of time thinking of story development. I fell in love with the wonderful female characters of DA2 all over again. I made my new homepage. I wrote over 11k words, got fanmail, roped friends into proofing my chapters, especially that final one. I think I drove myself and people around me crazy, but that’s what I do when I obsess.

Because @arbitrarygenius made me do it, I am actually sharing this story here, instead of hiding it in the depths of

You can find the story on my new fiction page.

I hope I can get my nerd life back now, but I already have another story nagging at the back of my head, slowly climbing into the foreground. But first, a short break. Game of Thrones is calling, and I still want to recap the show.


  1. The latest series of Doctor Who starts this Saturday in the UK, Kad – my girlfriend and I can’t wait for it, so hurry up and get season one out of the way and prime yourself for more adventures. o/

    • I knooooow. But there’s so much good stuff I still need to watch. Doctor Who is definitely on the top of my list though, Torchwood can wait til I am done with the Doctor.

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